Clothing collocation is an art. Whether it is color collocation or style collocation, it needs to be carefully considered. Therefore, in order to help you learn more about clothes collocation, this article will bring you the color collocation of tops and trousers. Skills, styles, and characteristics of clothing are firstly created through visual illusions of colors. A reasonable and harmonious color combination can usually bring peculiar visual effects, which is refreshing. Color matching has a close relationship with people’s character, temperament, living habits, hobbies, and taste. [How to match clothes] Let’s learn more about it below:

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How to match clothes: body-color matching method

1. Full body:

It is advisable to wear clothes with a sense of shrinkage in cool colors and low-brightness colors. You can refer to dark green, dark black, and dark blue. The color should not exceed three colors. The lines should be simple and generous, and slender straight striped clothes are preferred.

2. Petite body type:

It is advisable to wear warm and bright colors with swelling clothes, red, yellow, orange, and other warm colors. Avoid wearing bright red and purple clothing with a strong contrast between cold and warm, or dark or vertical striped patterns.

1. Quiet, shy and introverts are suitable for plain and light colors, and can use blue or tea-toned clothing to add a quiet temperament and indifferent mood;

2. Cheerful and lively, it is suitable to choose clothes with bright and bright colors or with strong contrast to reflect the youthful sunshine and vigor. In short, people with different personalities should pay attention to the coordination of personality and color when choosing clothes.

How to match clothes: contrast color matching method

1. Pure clothes and trousers (that is, the clothes are variegate and the trousers should wear solid colors)

2. The clothes are pure and miscellaneous (that is, when the pants are variegate, the clothes are pure colors)

4. When the clothes pattern is large or complicated, you should wear solid color trousers

5. The clothes have vertical stripes, and the trousers should avoid horizontal stripes or lattices

6. When the wears have horizontal patterns, additionally do not wear vertical stripes or lattices on trousers

7. The upper part is shallow and the lower part is deep: the visually attractive attention is on the upper body to achieve the purpose of showing height.

Contrast color is the use of the strong contrast between two colors to achieve beauty and is often use by people. Thus, pay attention to the above 7-point clothes color matching.

How to match clothes: close color matching method

Knowing how to match clothes with similar colors is a necessary skill for the pursuit of fashion: similar colors must distinguish in purity and brightness, and the harmony of the two colors must control so that they can merge and complement each other and achieve the harmonious beauty of the overall color. . Also buy Men and Women’s wear and save with Boden discount code 25 off and ASOS discount code

1. The whole body tone suggestion: the main color area is the main body, and similar colors can be supported in different parts.

2. The color of the upper and lower clothing can be matched in shades, plus the intermediate color between the two is excessive.

3. The overall color control two colors. If you add different colors, there will be a sense of disharmony.

4. The color of the clothing should be bright and conspicuous, small and precise, the key points should be concise and clear; the content should be vivid and vivid. Highlight the key points in the whole. Use Amazon Discount Code


Learn how to match clothes, but also need to know how to wash clothes

  • Denim clothing should be washed and stored separately from other clothing;
  • Avoid pressure when storing wool, silk and man-made fiber fabrics;
  • Clothes with different shades of color should be stored separately to prevent dyeing or yellowing;
  • It is a normal phenomenon if the dye is found floating when the cotton printed and dyed cloth is washed for the first time;
  • Wash the washed clothes in time after soaking, do not soak, and avoid using detergent with higher alkalinity;
  • Because of the particularity of the dyes used, denim fabrics will fade in water, which is normal;
  • Man-made fiber fabrics and all kinds of wool should only be rubbed gently when washing, and can’t be twisted forcefully after rinsing with water.


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