Do you have plans to extend your stay in Australia after your studies? Then, you must consider getting the correct visa because your student visa will expire in a few months. And the visa that you can apply for this cause is the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. It is instrumental if you want to stay and work in Australia after your graduation. There are two streams under this visa, and these two together allow students to stay back here for 18 months to 4 years and offer full work rights. Here we discuss ten common tips that will help you to get your visa smoothly.

    1. Don’t Ignore The Timing.

Once your course completes, you should apply for this visa within six months from it. The last date of the course is the date of publication of the final results. Most students have this misconception that the previous date pertains to the day of graduation. You need to make your applications for the visa in a time between the date of completion of the course and the expiry of your student visa.

Several things will depend on when you will complete your course. We always recommend lodging it before a few weeks. Missing any point may lead to Temporary Graduate Visa 485 refusal. 

    2. Keep The University Documents Ready.

Before you lodge your application, you should get a completion letter from your university. The letter should include the exact dates of the whole course and qualification. If your course is registered under CRICOS, you must carry out a crosscheck of the course duration. The duration is generally three months.

    3. You Must Be Present In Australia.

For the course, you must be present in Australia for at least 16 months. This period is generally between the time of your course start and its completion. Before you apply, please crosscheck all the information to avoid unnecessary risks.

    4. You Have To Pass The English Test.

Take necessary preparations and sit in the English test. If you can prepare yourself from the very beginning, chances of getting good scores will increase. And accordingly, chances of getting the timely visa grant will also maximize. Sometimes, you may hear that someone has faced refusal of the visa application because he or she has not submitted the test result despite the clearance. So, you have to be very careful about it. If such a thing happens, you will have no options left, and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal will also be unable to help you.

    5. You Must Obtain Clearances From The Federal Police.

Before you lodge your application, you should provide evidence of your checks conducted by the Australian Federal Police. The evident document will be the CK AFP lodgment receipt. Failure to do so may lead to visa rejection.

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    6. Health Insurance

Health insurance proof is another required document for Visa Subclass 485. You should make the proper arrangements to get the insurance cover. You have to show the proof at different stages of application.

    a. Every international student has to avail of the general health cover, i.e., Overseas Student Health Cover, and has to be shown at the lodging time, processing time, and the visa granting time.

    b. Health insurance cover is also crucial for a Permanent Residency application.

    7. You Must Take The Correct Application Pathway.

There are two streams – Graduate Work Steam (GWS) and Post-Study Work Stream Visa (PSWV). Practically, the latter one is much preferred because of the following reasons.

    a. You can stay with PSWS for 2 to 4 years in Australia, depending on your qualification. But, only 18 months of stay is allowed under GWS.

    b. Skills assessment is required for the GWS but not for the PSWV.

    c. For GWS, you have to be skilled in an occupation on the Independent & Family Sponsored Occupations List or IFSOL. No such restriction is present for PSWV.

    8. Fulfill All The Criteria

For qualifying for the Graduate Visa 485, completion of a two-year course is required. The other eligibility requirements are:

    a. If a gap occurs between the qualifications, one or more courses can be added.

    b. Whether you will apply for GWS or the PSWV will depend on the type, of course, you have attended.

    c. For the PSWV, Graduate Diplomas cannot fulfil the eligibility criteria.

    9. Skills Assessment

For the GWS, you have to satisfy all the criteria related to skills assessment in the current visa application.

    a. You do not need to complete the evaluation before the lodgement of your Visa 485 application. But, you should submit a receipt that confirms at the time of your lodgement. 

    b. You have to nominate an occupation that is on the IFSOL.

    c. You have to stick to the present profession during the visa processing. 

    d. If you face skills assessment refusal, you have the option to appeal for a decision.

    e. The skills assessment must be positive for taking the decision. If rejected, you can appeal to the AAT because it will give you more time in your hands for a positive skills assessment.

    10. Know The Section 48 Of The Migration Act. 

If your Visa 485 application gets refused, you will not be allowed to apply for another visa from anywhere in Australia. It is forbidden under Section 48 of the Migration Act. The Section will only be applicable if you are staying here on a Bridging Visa. You get as much as six months from the date of completion to lodge your 485 Visa. So, very naturally, you cannot get a second chance at rejection.


Subclass 485 will allow you to remain in Australia and increase your chances to become a Permanent Resident in Australia. If it is difficult for you to get through the various processes of Visa 485, you may approach ISA Migrations to get assigned with an immigration consultant Adelaide. Consultancy firms like Migration Agent Adelaide or Immigration Agent Adelaide can be equally helpful.


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