Keeping a pet is no joke. From cleaning their tiny hair to keeping them clean, feeding them right to planning your whole life around them, who said pets ask for much? As if you don’t even have them. Jokes apart, you should never have and treat a pet this way. Those poor cute creatures have us as their whole life and make sure you don’t disappoint them in any way. Yes, you can see the sadness in their eyes the moment you screw anything up.

A pet is your constant buddy, your go-to partner, your happy place, and a fun time for you and your family. Those little paws bring so much joy in your life, you didn’t even know was missing. If you have pets or planning to get one then there are some rules you should always remember. Following these rules will make you a good pet person and they will love you always (don’t expect too much from cats though).

Feed them well

People are often labeled as the foodie or non-foodie type but who knew pets can be pretty picky when it comes to food. Though all dog foods look the same they have a different nutritional value which can seriously affect the pet’s health. If your pet isn’t happy with the food you have chosen for them then there is nothing wrong with it. Try picking something different after all they should have freedom too.

And yes pet food costs a lot but with the right discounts and offers you can get a lot for few dollars spent. For example, the chewy promo code helps you get all you want for your pet without having to drain the bank account.


Cleanliness isn’t for humans only but your pets might be a little clean freak too. After all cleanliness is very important to keep the germs away and bring a good quality of life. Make sure you clean your pet’s shelter and feed them all the right things.

After feeding them don’t forget to clean their bowl too, keep their bed clean with those tiny sheets changed and washed repeatedly. Make sure there isn’t any extra odor or don’t forget to place their bad or mat in sunlight after every two to three days. Sunlight kills germs and bacteria which can others harm your pet.

Regular Visits to Vet

Not only when they are lazier than usual but make it a routine. It is important to take your pet’s health seriously. You can do this by taking them to the vet on regular visits. Vaccination regimens, deworming, and external parasite management will be discussed with your veterinarian.

Ensure that you have a copy of your pet’s immunization records on hand at all times. Your veterinarian is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to keeping your dog healthy.

Play with them

If you have gotten a pet just to keep them as a showpiece then you should have invested in something artificial such as the white dog which Joey got. Pet’s aren’t just for show or cuddle but they are your friend. Would you let your friend get bored in the corner while you relax and watch videos on your phone? Okay, it’s not about not having ‘me time, but make sure you give proper attention to your pet.

Animals can recognize emotions and they have feelings too. If you talk to them nicely, politely and also are kind to them they will love you even more. And a little attention to your little buddy can do a lot more good than you can imagine.

Choosing a Pet

Before you get a pet, make sure you read and research. Make sure you opt for an animal whose needs you can understand and meet. Even various breeds of dogs have varied requirements, so choose a pet that fits your budget.

Before purchasing a pet, conduct an extensive study on the characteristics and requirements of various pets that you are interested in. Don’t be too focused on one type or breed while making this selection; being open-minded can lead to pleasant surprises and the perfect companion for your family.

What not to Feed

Knowing what to feed is important but knowing what not to feed is equally significant.  Give your dog only a little quantity of treats or human food. This might cause your pet to gain weight or develop health concerns. When you’re teaching your dog, stick to the guideline of just giving it goodies. Remember that this might be difficult to follow, especially if your puppy has puppy dog eyes. Don’t give in though, it’s for their own good.

Don’t Forget Water

After a sunny day walk in the park, we all feel thirsty. Who says animals won’t feel it too. While you rush to the refrigerator to get a cool nice drink to burn those extra sunny effects don’t forget your pet. After all, your pet’s survival requires more than just-food. Water is just as vital, if not more so.

Ensure that your pet has constant access to water. This doesn’t mean you have to offer it water if it’s not possible, such as while you’re driving, but if it’s possible, you should provide a bowl of clean drinking water.

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Preventive Medicines

Other than regular visits to vet, don’t forget the preventive care. While you are a good parent who is getting their dog vaccinated regularly, dogs are more susceptible to skin issues than we know. It sounds sad and painful but with the proper care, you can help prevent such things.

It is critical to treat roundworms on a regular basis with a basic worming treatment. The frequency is determined by your pet’s lifestyle. An indoor dog is less likely to take up worms than a hunting dog, which will impact your veterinarian’s recommendations for deworming frequency. A low-risk dog may only require treatment two or three times a year, but a high-risk dog may require treatment weekly.


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