This first year of marriage is very important for the couple because they have to go through lots of adjustments and compromise. At times there can be controversies, confrontation between the two, but all these lead to the birth of a life-long friendship. This new relationship needs to be nurtured with love, care and gratitude. Every day is important and crucial for a newly married couple because with each passing day they discover something new about each other. And the first anniversary is the stepping stone towards a successful marriage. It is a milestone in a newly built relationship. So it needs to be celebrated in a very special way.

But how to make this day worth remembering and a life-long memory can be a hard nut to crack. So to lessen your burden, we have curated a list of ideas from which you can take inspiration to make your special day remarkable.

Plan a trip-

One year is not enough to know about each other completely, so to discover more about each other you can plan an adventurous trip on your first wedding anniversary. You can either plan and decide the location together, or you can surprise your partner by planning a get-away on your anniversary. You can go trekking, camping in the mountains, or you can go on a road trip to some romantic locations. If you like to discover new locations, you can choose to go to holy cities or old towns to have some adventure together. You can order anniversary cakes online at your location and make this day even more special. Make the bookings in advance to avoid last-minute hassle.

Renew your vows-

You must have taken vows on your wedding day and tried to abide by it. It’s been a year since you were together. There can be a change in attitude and behaviour towards each other. It can be positive or even negative. But since you have been together for a year, and certainly it’s a milestone in a relationship. So to reminisce those promises, you can plan a mini wedding setup at your home itself and renew the vows. This will add a new spark to your relationship. To set the mood, you can decorate the place with flowers, candles, and little knick-knacks. You can either plan this event with your friends and family, or if you don’t want a crowd, you can plan this event privately.

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Plan a date night-

If your wedding was an arranged marriage, and you have not gone on a date with each other, here is the chance. Plan a date night at your favourite restaurant. To spice up this moment, you can behave like strangers for a day and can start over again this new friendship all over again with fresh vibes. To set the mood, you can get dressed up and buy gifts for each other. This date night can also be planned at your home. You just need to make some arrangements to create a romantic restaurant like ambience and get a happy anniversary bouquet for each other and let this evening be all yours.

Plan a relaxing day-

Amidst this busy life, it becomes hard to get time to relax and reflect. You can plan a relaxing slow day on your first anniversary and spend some quality time with each other. Also, you can take leave from your work and just sit back at home and enjoy this day. You can have breakfast in bed, have a relaxing spa, bubble bath, and movie nights together. This way you will be able to express your feelings and gratitude towards each other.

Send thoughtful Gifts-

Gifts are an essential element of any celebration. In this lockdown situation when everyone is far from their loved ones, sending gifts is the way to express love towards each other. If you are also in this kind of situation, you can send thoughtful and unique gifts to each other. This way you will feel more connected. You can send flowers, plants, watches, rings etc. To each other. You can also send cakes to India from the USA via online delivery services.

I hope you liked these ideas of celebrating your first anniversary exotically. Try these out and make your married life a life-long journey.


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