Having thick hair is desirable for those who have fine to medium hair, while others take it as a curse. Though it is nice to have full hair it no more feels nice when the full thick hairs become tough to maintain. Thick hairs cause a number of difficulties and can be quite tricky to manage. There are so many of them that you sometimes get confused about what to do. 

Here is how to manage the thick hairs and make them look amazing! Read on some of the best tips and tricks. 

What is meant by Thick Hairs?

It refers to the thickness of a single strand of hair while density looks at how many thin or thick fibers are grouped on the head. Someone with fine hair can also have a dense texture as well. A person can also have thick hairs that are not heavy at all. It is possible that one would have thick and dense hair, which is very tough to manage. But there are ways of getting them in control; you just need to know how it can be done. 

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Taking Care of Thick Hairs 

The routine care of thick hair includes the products you use along with a few tips & tricks that just require some simple hair care routine changes. The key trick to revise the thick and uncontrolled hair is to increase the moisture content for smoothness, detangle, and softening of hairs. For everyday wash, use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo containing natural ingredients that work to hydrate and mitigate the thick hairs, followed by a mask, again consisting of natural ingredients to suppress, moisturize, and intensify the hairs. 

  • Cutting back on washes

Healthy hairs are easier to manage than damaged hairs, and we all know that. How to achieve healthy hair? For beginners, it is time to skip out the shampoos. When you wash your hair on a daily basis, the natural oil of the scalp provides moisture, and skin gets striped off and leaves the scalp dry. Skip one day between the washes to make your hair working easier.

  • Keeping hairs hydrated 

Keep your hair hydrated for easy management. Use cleansing sulfate-free conditioner which will make the hair more elastic and prevent breakage. Your hair will look more polished. 

  • Take care of wet hairs 

After washing your hair, they are in a feeble state as they are wet. Avoid excessive drying and brushing of hairs as it can lead to damage of hairs. You should pat your hair using a towel instead to get the moisture absorbed. The tangles will get smoothened by using a wide-tooth comb. 

  • Don’t over-dry your hairs 

Over-drying is not an obvious option with thick hair. They consume a lot of your time. On the other hand, excessive blow-drying is damaging to your hair. What should girls with thick hair do? Let the hair partially dry before going with the blow dryer. Use it on medium to low heat to get the best results.

  • Don’t go with shaky accessories 

Those who have thick hair should not use little bows or graceful clips. Instead of this, choose the accessories having extra hold strength and keep all your hairs in place. There are hair claw clips for thick hair available that keep the hairs out of your face.

  • Go for regular trims 

Split ends can cause damage to your hair, making the thick hair look lifeless. Therefore, it is advise to go for regular trimming after every 6-8 weeks to get rid of split ends.

  • Braiding can work

Thick hairs sometimes become unmanageable; putting upon the perfect braid can be the solution. It gives an amazing look to your hair. You can also simply tie it by using soft scrunches. They are super comfy and don’t cause any pulling of hairs. Available in different colors & fabrics, you can also pair it with your outfit. Creative people can also make their own as there are day hair scrunches tutorials available on the internet.

  • Natural products for hair

When choosing products for thick hairs, go for natural ingredients over artificial ones! The harmful chemicals present in the shampoo and conditioner can make your hair dry and fragile. This will make it difficult to manage the thick hairs. Natural products not only nourish your hair but also make them smooth and soft so that it can be easily styled.

What more you can do is use a natural bristle brush for brushing your hair daily. The natural oil of hair will be distribute from the roots to the whole length, moisturizing as well as protecting the frizz & humidity. Never use hard brushes as they can damage the hair fibers. Waking up with frizz can be solved by using a silk pillowcase. Avoid sleeping on hair loose as it can cause dryness and split ends. Make a small braid at least to protect the ends.

The problems associated with thick hairs are dryness, frizz, and tangled hair. The thick and coarse hairs often struggle with dryness. Such kinds of hairs should treat in a different way than fine to medium hairs. Hydration is the solution to dryness.  Frizzy hair gets affect more by the humidity and makes it really tough to manage. To overcome it, you need to reduce the amount of heat that is use on the hairs.


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