Most of the things you do in the Himalayas are in Kashmir and you have to share many experiences with you. Some places and lands make this destination unique, so continue to enjoy them all:

 1. Shikara Ride

 Across the lake, you will enjoy the beauty of the mountains in the distance. In addition to the chaos of polluted urban life, Shikara walks top the list of the best activities in Kashmir. No smoke or vehicle sounds, no angry people on high notes, nothing. The only sound of breaking the water and the brush of cold water was the soft oar sound of the boatman as he swept the lake with his hand.

 2. Houseboat accommodation

 This is not only the shikhara rides at Dal Lake, it is also one of the best off the beaten track in Srinagar. One of the best things to do in Kashmir is to spend the night on a boat docked at Dal Lake. Whether you are on a honeymoon, family trip or traveling alone, you cannot miss an overnight stay in a houseboat in Srinagar. The houseboat offers free Wi-Fi and airport shuttle services. You can also use the food facilities that they offer. If you are here with family, friends or associates, the kashmir great lakes trek Boathouse Resort in Jammu and Kashmir is the best experience.

 3. Gondola Cable Car Ride

 The Gondola Cable Car is one of the exciting and fun things that people of all ages can do in Kashmir. In order to enjoy the best view of the snow-capped mountains, tourists prefer to take a cable car. One of the best activities in May is to take the cable car in Kashmir, because the summer is coming to an end this month and the scenery is very good.

 4. Kashmir cuisine

 Like other places, tasting Kashmir’s local cuisine is one of the most important things. We heard both Kashmiri Kahwa (tea) and Lamb Rogan Josh. But there are many more delicious foods in the kitchen. These include Nadroo Yakhni (Kashmir-style lotus stem healing agent), Paneer Chaman, and Gushtaba; (fried cheese with tomato sauce, flavored with fennel powder and spices), Dum Aloo and Matschgand; (lamb cooked in a delicious sauce of yogurt and spices) final).

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 5. Shopping

 Shopping is one of the most popular activities in Kashmir. No, I’m not just talking about antiques and other monuments. Here you can buy the hand-woven Namda on display, local clothing, so-called ferns and expensive DodaSapphire for Kashmir handlooms and Pashmina shawls, as well as copper products such as samovars. Shikaras in Dal Lake also sell flowers, fruits and vegetables. The reason for your enthusiasm here will be more than just what you bought.

 Kashmir is full of rich experiences and there are many things to see and do. If you are not only interested in regular sightseeing, there are some unconventional things to do in this paradise on earth:

 6. Rafting

 White River Rafting is one of the most exciting rafting activities in Kashmir. The speed here is simple or moderate, which means that rafting in Kashmir is not very complicated. You can also raft around Sonamarg. But in Pahalgam, white water rafting is better known. Team coordination during rafting is very important, and the coach’s safety instructions should also be followed.

 7. Paragliders

 All these adrenaline junkies can choose paragliders. The beautiful and majestic valley below is an incredible sight. With its unique green valley landscape, paragliding is one of the most exciting activities in Kashmir. There are paragliding options at Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Bhaderwah, Sanasar and Harwan (Srinagar). Paragliding is easily accessible in Hawan because it is located on the Great Mughal Gardens route.

 8. Trekking

 Trekking has become one of the best activities here, the mountains are covered by the Jammu and Kashmir countryside. Although hiking in Jammu and Kashmir is better known. In the valleys of Kashmir, there are small walks and excursions. Many of the mountain lakes in Kashmir are above sea level, such as Lake Vishansa, Lake Tasa, Lake Gardesa, Lake Alpasser, and Lake Sassa. If you are here with family, friends or associates, the Great Lakes Boathouse Resort in Jammu and Kashmir is the best experience.


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