After about two years of hiking, the last time was the LadakhSpiti track completed in July 2016, which finally became the ideal opportunity to get to the “Revival” button. Choosing a strange target has never been a problem. With my number one Garhwal Himalayas escape, I am still sitting in my seat.

 In the last days of Republic Day, I restricted the itinerary of the Kuari Pass trek. I remembered that my partner Joshimath, Rana Ji, promised to travel with him.

 The news is that since the last two days, Joshimath and Highland Countries have snowed heavily, adding excitement to the experience I am looking for. After several rounds of dialogue with my guide Ashish, I put the following agenda on the agenda:

 Day 1 (26.01.): Go to Joshimath, my final goal for the afternoon. Leave Delhi before 12 noon on the 25th; Arrive in Haridwar at 5 am.

 I left Delhi in the 25th minute because it was fixed, but before I left Ghaziabad, I hardly considered anything. Dense fog enveloped the streets and the six-foot permeability became a stiff task. It took me two hours to finally navigate Meerut, and I kept pushing at the slowest speed I had at any time in Thunderbird.

 I realize I am a strange rider, but the amount of fog makes me even wonder if it makes me too hasty. The hardest thing I have ever done at any time in my life is walk through the fog of vision with my heart in my mouth. However, the difficulties are even more extraordinary. Fortunately, when I got the Meerut Toll license, the thickness was reduced. Nevertheless, my entire robe, including my hat, was savored as if I had just taken a shower. At 6 o’clock in the morning, Haridwar came to the beginning of the day; postponed due to the relentless haze.

 Day 1

Kuari Pass┬ápassed through an air pocket and stayed for a few stops. This is the longest time in Srinagar, where I captured all the elegance of Alaknanda Evergreen Channel. My Joshimath base station is not far from me, and I arrived at about six in the afternoon. My partner Ranaji always smiled, supported me with open arms, and supported me with his partner Ashish (my guide), and broke the news that due to Pandukehswar’s key work, he could not accompany me on the tour. In this case, Ashish and I spent a decent night in bed and purchased the proportions for this trip.

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 Day 2

 8:30 AM My body functions normally and I am full of enthusiasm for the next trip. Ashish revealed to me that we will arrange several guided travelers. Sheila – Your central guide took us to Duck Town, which is the base of our visit.

 The long rocky climb started at Dak, and the delightful summits of Nanda Devi and Donagiri started behind the scenes at 10:30 in the morning.

 I am the slowest traveler, most of the time I spend more time breathing or taking pictures. City life and long walks made me lose structure, but I continued to take risks under Ashish’s direction, accepting that will was better than actual ability.

 Day 3

 In the first part of the day, we started walking at 9:30 in the morning. Our assistant revealed to us that it was easy for us because it is a 6km drive from Gring to Tali and we will be there in 34 hours.

 At 2 pm upstairs, we reached Tali, the sun covered behind the forest line. At the beginning of this period, the camp was almost empty. Only another group from Mumbai had two camps and returned after working hard at the crossroads.

 DAY 4

┬áThe last day of the itinerary unfolds in Kuari Pass: Departing from Tully, at 10 am, we walk through the sparkling snow and the sparkling shade of the trees. At 5 in the morning, my companions left and tried to climb the snowy peak of Pangarchulla. Another guide, Girish, left quickly. In the hour-long walk, we walked through the Chitrakantha ice field and gifted myself an illustrated shell – all the perfect snow and ancient cedars and cedars stood clearly above the snow.

 Girish reminded me that we will walk about a kilometer in front of jhandhedhar to the top. The top of Pangarchula is obvious behind the scenes. I believe my like-minded drivers will reach the top, and now I will return to the base.


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