Content analytics is the analysis of the data collected from all the content you’ve shared on the web. It provides important details such as how many users accessed an article, how much time they spent on a page and how they responded to your call-to-action. Such information is very valuable because it helps you understand your target audience, devise an effective marketing strategy, increase user traffic and eventually boost the conversion rate.

If you are introducing internet deals like Cox internet packages on your website, it is through content analytics that you can see whether people are interested in it and what exactly they’re looking for.

To further understand the role that content analytics plays in today’s digital environment, let’s have a look at its key benefits.

#1. Better Content Marketing Plan

When making any content marketing plan, there are bound to be challenges that limit scope and errors that need correction. However, to be able to identify the errors you need to follow up on various elements of your content. With content analytics, you can track your customer’s browsing patterns, see which topics interest them and how much traffic those topics/pages are getting. Besides, you can also identify the keywords that have not yielded a good ROI and immediately replace them. If your analytics show that an article has not ranked well for a particular keyword and has been unable to attract considerable traffic, you can make modifications to improve it. In this way, content analytics allows you to constantly upgrade your site/content for maximum traffic and conversions.

#2. What Works and What Does Not

Since content marketing is a multi-faceted field, you may still be using tools that have either become obsolete or not performing too well. Content analytics allows you to evaluate the progress of your content which helps you determine which tools and methods are working for you (or not working for you). For example, you may invest in an ad but realize it has not worked well to draw traffic. In that case, it’s best to get rid of it and employ a different method to approach your audience.

#3. Learn About Competitors

Content analytics is not and should not be limited to your website/business. Of course, you won’t have access to the details of how well your competitor’s website or campaign has performed. But you can use your own results to gauge your performance against theirs.

An example in this regard is the Domain Authority rating. Has your authority improved after you’ve run a campaign? Is it higher than your competitors? Are you using less competitive keywords? You will find the answers to all these questions via content analytics.

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Analytics not only help you identify your strengths but also allow you to discover the weaknesses of your competitors. You can then use that to your advantage and channelize all your energies into developing a more competitive and effective campaign.

#4. Quantifying Your Content

Content analytics allow you to quantify your content across different platforms for optimal performance. Are you producing more or less content than required? Which platforms do your customers use? Which is the best part of a video to place your ad? All such information can be obtained from content analytics.

Quantifying also helps you discover which channels and types of content are generating revenue. For example, out of 100 sales, how many were made through Instagram and how many came from Facebook. Having these facts and figures helps you determine the quantity of content you need to develop and how to distribute it across different platforms.

#5. Improved Customer Experience

As mentioned earlier, content analytics allows businesses to gain information regarding their customers’ likes, dislikes, browsing patterns and factors influencing buying decisions. This helps them identify the areas they need to work on to provide their customers a consistently satisfying experience. Improved customer experience translates into brand loyalty. When customers feel you are concerned about them and responsive to their needs, they would not only continue to purchase from you but also recommend your product/service by sharing your content, commenting on it and writing reviews about it.


Content analytics is integral for a strong marketing campaign. It ensures that you have a well-researched and focused approach when developing strategies. It provides information that helps you track content performance, identify which tools and investments are working, where your brand is positioned in the market and how you can achieve better results.


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