The plan to start selling CBD products can be an appealing and positive one. The demand for these products is growing exponentially, and retailers are rushing to join the bandwagon in a big way.

According to a 2019 independent poll (Source), one in seven CBD consumers is from the United States. The number of products on offer also increases with new experimentations happening on a big scale among CBD manufacturers.

With so many product options on offer, you can start a profitable venture by reselling CBD products. However, it is not as easy as you think. The first and the most important step is finding an established and reliable private label wholesale supplier/manufacturer of CBD products. Refer to CBD news and other resources for brushing up your knowledge about the laws related to CBD products.

How to find a quality supplier

Quality suppliers and wholesalers make sure the hemp they get is of the highest quality and cultivated according to the rules. The THC to CBD ratio is one of the most important things you must check out. It must be within the legally prescribed limits. Look for a supplier with a reputation for following the procurement and manufacturing rules strictly. This will help you avoid getting into any friction with the law.

Is the supplier licensed to manufacture and sell CBD commercially?

As mentioned earlier, you must have a clear picture of the hemp material used to make CBD products. It must be sourced from a licensed farmer. According to some CBD blog posts, this is one crucial step that cannot be compromised. You could be handling unlawful products if you enter into a business agreement with a supplier who does not follow the CBD rules and does not procure hemp from a licensed source. It can have serious legal implications, not only for your business but for everyone associated with your company. 

Does the Chosen Supplier Do Third-Party Testing?

While looking for hemp-derived CBD distribution and reselling opportunities, make sure you focus on third-party testing. You must insist on seeing lab test results for the CBD production process – preferably for each batch. If you skip this step, it can create multiple levels of risk for your business. The retail or wholesale CBD products you sell may have more than the prescribed level of THC, making your product illegal under the Farm Bill and the State Law. 

The lab test results will also establish if the product has solvents or impurities or does not match the specifications. This will help you decide if you want to go ahead with the marketing or pull back. Also, you need lab test results to prove the efficiency of your products to your customers and convince them to purchase your brand. Without lab test certificates, your business opportunities may be hampered significantly.

Check How Long Your Supplier Is In the CBD Supplies Business?

A sure-fire way of making a successful start to your private label CBD reselling business is to work with well-established private label suppliers dealing in CBD products. Many CBD supplements blog posts suggest that you check their track record and find out for how long they have been enjoying the trust of their partners. Avoid new suppliers as much as possible. If you want to encourage new businesses, research their capabilities. Consider their sales and their reputation. 

Make sure you follow these steps if you want to make a successful start to your CBD reselling endeavor.


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