The user encounters Quickbooks error 15215 at the time of updating payroll and releasing maintenance. The error indicates that there is some issue with another application running in the background and the system becomes unable to verify the digital signature. As a consequence of the error, the user can also bear restrictions on the server.

Seeing this error might give you a feeling of extreme fear. Keeping this in mind, we have brought this article with the main focus of helping you out by rectifying the error. Now, let’s get into the guide and learn about some of the most common causes that bring such kinds of hindrances and interrupt the working procedure.

Common Causes of Quickbooks Error 15215

  • The Internet Explorer browser is not configured properly.
  • If Internet Connectivity loses its security then it can hinder the payroll downloads or updates.
  • Windows System Files or Quickbooks Payroll Program Files get corrupted with Malware or Virus.
  • When the user performs a corrupt download of Quickbooks software.
  • Make sure to not deleting the Quickbooks payroll-related files. If it is deleted then you can have the issue.
  • The firewall may be another responsible factor as it blocks Quickbooks desktop payroll from connecting to the update server.

Identifications of Quickbooks Error 15215

  • Encountering the error 15215 during accessing the same program.
  • Unable to verify digital signature pop up on the device.
  • The system performs slowly and does not respond to the command.
  • Desktop freezes from time to time.

Troubleshooting Ways to Resolve Quickbooks Error 15215

Getting a glimpse of all the common causes and symptoms would help you in troubleshooting the error. Now, let’s read further to get success in troubleshooting.

Way 1: Restarting System

Rebooting your system can help you out from this difficult situation. At times, the changes made to the system will not take place until we restart the system. Also, it can fix many issues related to networks, the Internet, and printing. So, take it as an essential tip and restart your system. If rebooting does not resolve the issue then move into the second troubleshooting way.

Way 2: Run Quickbooks as the Window’s Administrator

Through this method, Quickbooks becomes able to take priority over other apps in Windows Operating System. In addition to that, it provides access to the QB desktop to access any resources required for work.

  • To initiate, you need to ensure that the Quickbooks desktop program is closed.
  • In the next step, right-click on the Desktop icon.
  • Now select Run as administrator.
  • Then, choose the Yes option if prompted with the message “Would you want to let this program make modifications to your own computer?”

Way 3: Restart Windows with Selective Start-Up Option

  • You need to first close Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Now choose the Run option through the variant of Windows given below:
  • Windows XP: Choose Start > Run.
  • In Windows 7 and Vista: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run. 
  • Windows 8 and 10: Press Windows + R only.
  • After accessing the run window, you need to enter the msconfig command followed by clicking on the OK button.
  • This will open the System Configuration Utility.
  • Next, you need to choose the Selective Startup on the current web page.
  • After that, try to clear the Load Startup objects checkbox.
  • Moving on, save the changes by clicking OK.
  • Restart the computer now.
  • After restarting, you need to reopen the software and try to get the most current tax table.
  • Again try to open the System Configuration Utility from the above steps.
  • Click on the Normal Startup checkbox followed by clicking on the OK icon. ‘
  • In the final step, you need to start the system one more time.

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With the above-mentioned troubleshooting ways, you can easily rectify the Quickbooks error 15215. But, if it is not fixed yet then try to contact the Quickbooks customer care support for seeking further guidance.


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