Vapes are considered cool and people enjoy these e-cigarettes. Whilst most of them are convinced that vapes aren’t as harmful as cigarettes some really like their overall look with a classy vape. The great thing about a vape is that you can choose any color, get it customize, buy cheap to expensive ones and the feel would be great. Though expensive vapes give a wholesome experience but it is true that they are not as gross as a cigarette.

If you have been looking for the best vapes in reasonable prices then chances are you have research a lot of about this choice and are pretty convince about having a vape in your collection. Sure, they are expensive but with the element vape coupon code (thanks to the discount) you can buy anything you like. But before you get all excited about the steal prices here are a few myths to know about vaping.

Vaping is Harmless

You might be arguing with everyone who tries to teach you about why not to buy a vape. It is true that vape has been advertise as a ‘healthy’ replacement to cigarettes but the truth couldn’t be farther from that. It still does contain nicotine and other tobacco based chemicals, it is still damaging for your lungs in fact in some cases, vape allow you to increase the voltage and inhale more amount of nicotine than a cigarette would.

Another fact that back vapes not being harmless is that they aren’t controll by the food and drug administration (FDA) which means that nobody is transparent about what a vape contains.

You Can Quit Smoking with Vape

As mentioned before, vape came as a substitute to smoking and a person who cannot get over the addiction of smoking, well they can buy vape and be done. But the myth busters have called it a bluff. Vape itself is very addicting and while you could be quitting smoking, there is no guarantee you can quit vaping easily either.

E-Liquids are just flavored Water

Sorry to burst your bubble but no amount of just flavored water can give you a sensation you get when you vape. The feeling of satisfaction you get after vaping is simply a result of addicting chemicals and other ingredients added into the vape. Flavor is a just a way to give you a feel of different fruits and scents.

Okay, but Still it Isn’t That Harmful!

We do and state all sorts of facts to make us feel okay about things and vaping falls in that category too. People trying to sell vape have been using this line ever since and been getting away with that. Logic would clearly realize why wouldn’t they? After all they need to convince the smokers to get rid of those cigarettes and purchase something else. One tiny vaping “pod” can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes or more. That implies that vaping just one pod might lead to nicotine addiction and make you sick.

Harmful for Bystanders

Not having grudge against vaping, but it is true that vaping isn’t as harmful for bystanders as a cigarette is. Secondhand smoke is clearly hazardous, which is why the United Kingdom has regulations forbidding smoking in enclosed public spaces and workplaces. These laws do not apply to vaping, and businesses can set their own policies regarding the use of e-cigarettes on their premises.

Nicotine, propylene glycol and/or glycerin, and flavorings are common ingredients in e-cigarette juice. Unlike cigarettes, an e-cigarette does not release any side-stream vapor into the atmosphere, just the inhaled aerosol.

E-cigarettes will Help Decrease the Number of Smokers

Um, No! if one thing an e-cigarette has done is to increase the number of smokers. Since the awareness regarding vapes being harmful for health isn’t as strong as one would like, not many people enforce the fact about avoiding it. this has led many underage smokers take this habit ‘just for fun’ and all they do is end up getting addict to this harmful habit.

It Doesn’t Cause Respiratory Diseases

Just because the smoke from a vape doesn’t seem as disgusting as a cigarette smoke. It is no reason to state that vaping isn’t harmful for your respiratory system. The truth is totally opposite. Vaping causes your respiratory system to weak with the passage of time and a person who is addict to vaping can develop asthma; breathing issues bronchitis as well as other lung related and pulmonary diseases.

Vapes don’t Have Nicotine

This is the most commonly hear myth about people who love vaping. After all they need a reason or two to stick to this habit. But the truth is vaping is not nicotine free. The nicotine is one of the major element in vaping which causes the person consuming it to be addict to it. It also makes the feeling of vape enjoyable. Although a clear fact is the concentration of nicotine you inhale is adjustable because most of the vapes have voltage control system in them.

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Vaping is Legal

Not in many parts of the world, but some areas have considered vaping legal. As the legal age of vaping has been increased from 18 to 21 it is logical to comprehend that there are some chemical or harmful additions in the vape liquid that will cause the human to damage their health. Societies which are aware of the negative impacts of vaping, haven’t made it legal though.

It isn’t wrong to say either that vaping can slowly overcome the habit of smoking for people who are addicted to this harmful practice. But, the major benefit of vaping over smoking is proper education around these erroneous facts and perceived hazards of vaping.

For the general public, conflicting media and skewed reports are obstructing the validity of research studies, results, and overall conclusions reach by professionals all over the world who support vaping as a primary tobacco replacement therapy and, ultimately, a solution to preventable illness and premature death.


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