Whenever you need to run a course or needed. So many errors happen. QuickBook also has a lot of errors. And some really drive you crazy in an attempt to get the root cause of the error you try many things and yet it may not produce many promising results. Hence some stubborn errors eg. OLSU – 1013 in an effort to learn users have to try one or more solutions the solution is discussed listed below for solutions listed below are discussed although usually or recommended that if you get results so after trying my best. Are you likely QuickBooks will need to be reinstalled?

QuickBook Error OLSU 1013 happens then when the user QuickBooks trying to create a bank account on the desktop specifies wizard for sure indicates restart and then it will update your process to resume for online banking setup to the wizard for sure inspires to get started the error OLSU – 1013 appears.

Why would you get the error?

Bank info may be in the standard bank directory is not updated or even the directory is not stored in that area where it should be this is the reason why the error can occur. Also, QuickBooks on Mac supports Apple Notebook how about resolving this error provides details.

Solution 1. Latest version needs to open in QuickBooks

  • Search for updates in the web page in which the most recent of QuickBook released information is included.
  • Choose the right QuickBook product.
  • Next, follow all the instructions that tell you that exactly how to update.
  • You have to download the update file and then he has to run.
  • Click on the Update button.
  • After that, you have to set up an auto-update system so that whenever someone new related so the update should install itself.

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Solution 2. Directory of financial institutions

  • Accessing files via path C:\program data\Intuit\QuickBook 20xx\Components\OLB\Branding\Filist
  • Now fidir.txt renaming finder. old do it.
  • After then right-click on QuickBooks and then save Link As choose.
  • Now save the file on the desktop.
  • Now, fidir.txt copy the one you downloaded and paste it into the file folder.
  • You to do so fidir.txt you have to right-click on it, and then windows press with E it can open PC within the files folder paste the file.
  • You now QuickBooks the account should be set up by opening the desktop.

Solution 3. QuickBooks Repair

  • If you work with windows8 that’s windows to collect them or even press the computer tab.
  • Now go directly to uninstall the program option.
  • Right-click on QuickBook and choose install.
  • Now click on next in the installation window the then select the repair option.
  • Now click on finish.

In the event, the repair does not work you have to completely delete QuickBooks and has been reinstalled.

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Solution 4. fidir.txt editing preferences

  • Through train, fidir.txt find out c:\programData\Intuit\QuickBooks20xx\components\OLB\branding\filist
  • Now go to file properties.
  • Now, look at the read-only option.

Can be discussed above any of the four solutions to you OLSU 1013 will help you get out of the error in the QuickBooks technical support team no error by contacting us OLSU 1013 has been corrected.


Now in this blog, we have shared details of How To Solve QuickBook Error OLSU 1013 and their working steps. Also, know about their problems and fixing steps. If you have a QuickBooks and you want QuickBooks Support help and want to fix your error problems then visit our site. And also contact our experts they will help you to solve your OLSU 1013 Error.


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