As soon as the intense heat comes up with the summer kicking in! You have to rush and take care of yourself but what about those trees that are standing out with no shade or shelter? If everything is getting damage by the scorching heat then don’t be a fool that your trees won’t face the harsh consequences.

Everything from large trees, small plants, birds, human beings need care the moment the new season comes in. We are putting our focus on the tree’s health so that they don’t die a slow death this summer. It might seem like an underestimated factor you would be hearing this for the first time that trees get hurt. But imagine that while you are resting at your home under the cool air of the cooling system or taking a cold shower. These trees have nothing to tackle the heat problems.

The outdoor conditions are very bad but they still stand tall, face the direct heat and wind. While also putting you safe from the same as well as making the air less polluted. This is our duty to take good care of them from all the factors so that their roots can thrive with the greenery maintained.

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What To Do?

Although it is tough to put certain measures of safety universally since every tree has different requirements. We will keep our tips closest to the trees that are use widely but remain vulnerable to the summer heat. 

  • The plants you have put on recently in the ground or the pot doesn’t have a complicated root system initially and that makes it fewer issues. They grow in a certain area only during the first few weeks. Where you have planted and while they are still taking a good look assessing the surrounding and everything. They are also vulnerable.
  • Everything from their leaves, stems, and structure to the root system is very weak currently. A simple heat wave is enough to take away their life and your efforts. The trees that have faced sustainable damage or got their condition hampered. As with any tree, diseases are in a condition where they are facing constant stress.
  • While they are already battling one fight, the extreme heat can make things more troublesome for them. This is the reason why one is advise to prepare for a timely inspection of the tree. Before the summer season or get done with tree pruning Sydney to promote healthy growth.

Coming to the main issue, we are looking for solid steps that will make sure that your trees don’t lose their quality. In addition, our dear plants and trees stay healthy throughout the season.

1. Finalizing the best season to plant:

It is a good thought to plant new trees since our planet earth needs that badly. A green initiative in your garden or lawn will be appreciated. We beware you that picking up the summer season for that might just be a wrong choice. You have to prepare in advance for the summer season by picking the right plants. Providing them the base in your yard during the fall or spring season.

This will make your surroundings prepared for a beautiful place in the upcoming season. While all the plants that you have brought will adjust with time in good condition to a healthy temperature. The roots will enjoy the moist space you have provided them and the expansion will take place at its base. If you are keeping a good eye on its nutrients and water supply.

2. Ample water supply:

Just like any other living being, water is equally important for any tree. The importance becomes even more if you are talking about that during the summer season. So, no matter what plant or trees you are choosing, where you are planting them! It is an absolute must for you to provide a good and constant supply of water for them.

This way your trees won’t face extra stress and go on to show their full growth. If you are not sure about how much water you have to put in a certain tree. Then getting in touch with any tree expert will get you going with the right solution.

3. Caring for teenage trees:

If you have planted new trees recently or they are at a mature age then you must keep the watering schedule for every day at least for the first 2 to 3 weeks. The schedule might slow down later on but you have to focus on good watering for at least the first three seasons of your tree.

Once the root expansion and structure are mature enough, they would be able to fetch the water from the ground in case you skip the watering process. Until then, take care of your plant as a small baby and fulfill all their requirements to enjoy the full growth of them later on.


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