Terraria is a sandbox game where you get a lot of action and adventure. To progress in the game, you have to interact with a lot of NPCs, explore the world, and defeat a lot of monsters.

Just like many other games NPCs, Terraria game NPCs play a great role. The NPCs are very important in the game during your progress.

Just by entering the game world, you are introduced to the first NPC, the Guide NPC. He will help you by providing guides and crafting recipes.

But not all NPCs are going to show up just like that. There are about 32 NPCs in the game. To get these NPCs, you have to meet certain conditions.

But the most common condition that is applied to all these NPCs is, you have to build a house for each of them. Without a house, you can’t summon them.

Now, what these NPCs will give me?

You can buy items, weapons, armors, and many more from these NPCs that you will need to defeat powerful bosses or to build your castle.

You can even sell unnecessary items in exchange for coins.

In the recent 1.4 updates, the NPC happiness mechanic has been added.

It’s a mechanic where if you make your NPCs happy, they will sell items at lower prices, or if they are unhappy, they will sell at a higher price. Use the Terraria cell phone to get some info about NPCs and their sell.

To make the NPCs happy, you have to put them in their favorite biome or beside the NPC they like. If you put them in the wrong biome and beside an NPC they dislike, they will be unhappy.

Now let’s see how to summon the NPCs in Terraria.

Pre-Hardmode NPCs.

  1. Guide NPC

He is the first NPC that doesn’t need any conditions to be fulfilled to summon. He will be there the moment you enter the world.

But, if he dies before you build a house, then you can’t summon him back until you finish building a house for him.

  • Merchant NPC

Condition: You have to have 50 silver coins in your inventory only. Items that can store coins are excluded. Meaning, if you have coins in the Piggy Bank they won’t be counted.

  • Nurse NPC


  • Obtain the Merchant NPC.
  • Players health need to reach 100
  • Demolitionist NPC


  • Again have the Merchant NPC.
  • Players need to have an explosive in their inventory.
  • Dye Trader NPC


For PC and mobile users:

  • The player must have 4 other NPCs, but the Skeleton Merchant doesn’t count.
  • You have to have any kinds of dye ingredient in your inventory, or a Strange Plant.

For old Gen console users:

  • Only a dye ingredient in your inventory.

For console users:

  • They must defeat 1 boss from Skeletron, Eye of Cthulhu, or if you have the crimson biome, then the Brain of Cthulhu, if you have corruption biome, then the Eater of worlds.
  • Have the same ingredients in the inventory as PC and mobile users.
  • Angler NPC

There is no condition for him. You will encounter him in the world. Search in the ocean and sand biome, you might find him there. If he is not in those places, he might be in the underworld.

If you have an empty house, by interacting with him, you will get him.

  • Zoologist NPC

Condition: Fulfil 10% of Bestiary. You can say by killing 53 different kinds of monsters you can get the Zoologist NPC.

As the number of times you kill an enemy increases, the more information you will see in the Bestiary. It will be helpful to know your progress in the game.

  • Dryad NPC

Condition: Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu, Eye of Cthulhu, Skeletron, Eater of Worlds, and Lepus.

  • Painter NPC

Condition: Only have 4 NPCs. But the Skeleton Merchant NPC doesn’t count.

  1. Golfer NPC

You will find him in the undergrown Desert. To unlock him just play golf with him.

  1. Arms Dealer NPC

Condition: Hava any gun or a bullet only in your inventory. If they are in storage, then it won’t count.

  1. Tavernkeep NPC

Condition: Defeat the crimson biome boss the Brain of Cthulhu or the Corruption biome boss the Eater of Worlds.

But after defeating the bosses, you have to find him. He could be anywhere in the world. Interact with him and he will be yours.

  1. Stylist NPC

Go to the Spider cave. She will be there. If you talk to her and she will be unlocked.

  1. Goblin Tinkerer NPC

Condition: Just kill the Goblin Army.

After that talk to him and you will get him.

  1. Witch Doctor NPC

Condition: Defeat the Queen bee 1 time.

  1. Clothier NPC

Condition: Defeat the Skeletron Boss.

He is the same old person you saw in the dungeon. When you defeated him, you lifted the curse that was on him.

  1. Mechanic NPC

There is no condition for her. You have to find her and talk to her to unlock her.

The dungeon and the Cavern layer are the places where you can find her.

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  1. Party Girl NPC


  • All the NPCs that were unlocked have their own houses meaning, no one is waiting for a house.
  • You must have 8 NPCs besides the Skeleton Marchent.

Even though you have met all the conditions, there is a 2.5% chance that she will spawn. Morning and evening are her only spawn time.

Now, we have hardmode NPCs.

  1. Wizard NPC

Condition: Defeat the Wall of Flesh.

After defeating the boss, search in the Cavern layer to find him. Talk to him after finding and, he will spawn in an empty house.

  • Tax Collector NPC

Condition: Find a Tortured Soul and throw the Purification Powder on it.

The Soul will become the Tax Collector NPC and spawn in an empty house.

  • Truffle NPC

Condition: Create a Glowing Mushroom biome.

You just have to create a new biome to get this NPC. All you need is 100 Mushroom grass and plants. You can make the biome anywhere in the game world. After creating the biome, just build a house beside it, and you will see the Truffle NPC has unlocked.

  • Pirate NPC

Condition: Defeat the Pirate Invasion.

  • Steampunker NPC

Condition: The Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, and The Twins defeat only one of them.

  • Cyborg NPC

Condition: Defeat Plantera Boss.

  • Princess NPC

Condition: Unlock all the 24 town NPCs.


  • Santa Claus NPC

Condition: Kill all the snowman in the Frost Legion.

Both the Santa Claus NPC and the Frost Legion are Christmas event-related. They are temporary. Only be available during Christmas.

Pet NPCs

There are about three kinds of pets Cat, Dog, and Bunny.

You need a pet license that you can buy from Zoologist NPC to get a pet. But there are conditions you need to fill before you can buy a license.


  • Cat: Fill 10% of Bestiary.

As Zoologist NPC unlocks at the same requirement, you can buy the cat license the moment you get the Zoologist NPC.

  • Dog: Fill 25% of Bestiary.
  • Bunny: Fill 45% of Bestiary.

Now there are 2 other NPCs that you can get. Even if you have an empty house.

  • Traveling Marchent NPC

Condition: Must have 2 NPCs, Skeleton Marchent NPC is excluded.

If the conditions are fulfilled then this NPC will spawn randomly for a day with random items.

  • Skeleton Marchent NPC

He only spawns randomly in the Cavern Layer.

  • Old Man NPC

He is the one you saw in front of the dungeon before you defeat the Skeletron Boss. After that, he becomes the Clothier NPC. These are all the NPCs and the ways to get them.


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