About Athenahealth EMR, Athenahealth EHR is a prominent provider of cloud-based and on-premise healthcare solutions for medical associations and medical institutions around the country. Their mission is to build a rich ecosystem that provides all people with affordable, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare, which they achieve through their amazing features like a medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, and care coordination services.

Athenahealth EHR software helps companies to gain the valuable understanding that makes an impact for their customers by combining current innovation with an open and connected environment supported by skilled service and support staff.

Nephrology, Urology, Family Medicine, Cardiology, and Pediatrics are just a couple of the Medical specialties supported by athenahealth Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems. athenahealth EMR presently has a network of providers of over 160,000 people. The software also has an incorporated Practice Management (PM) module, which is intended to make administrative and billing tasks easier.

This piece is going to focus on how athenahealth features can help healthcare practices as well as athenahealth EMR pricing. Although we recommend everyone to book an athenahealth EMR demo before that we would encourage you to go over this whole article.

What are the top EHR Features of athenahealth EMR

1.   Patient Portal

Because of the ease it provides, an EMR software patient portal is now necessary. If you are a small medical practitioner, you probably don’t have a great deal of support team and have to do most of the office duties on your own. Thanks to the patient portal functionalities in Athena EMR, you can take a load off your chest. Clients can use the patient portal to schedule appointments, upload medical data, fill out paperwork, and much more from the comfort of their own homes. This is an excellent component that will assist you as well as your customers.

This function allows clinicians to view a patient’s whole medical records, which aids in diagnosis and therapy. It also helps patients and doctors communicate more effectively. This feature makes life easier for doctors and significantly enhances clinical efficiency. It also decreases the administrative burden and provides excellent services.

2.   Integrated Medical Billing Solutions

Every medical practice needs effective billing software. On its own, the procedure is complicated and time-consuming. All of your billing tasks are taken care of by the Athenahealth EMR integrated billing solution. It automates this process for you, resulting in increased accuracy, better record management, and less administrative work.

You can streamline and digitize your billing operations with the help of Athenahealth EMR software, making things easier for your practice. This function is appreciated a lot in Athenahealth EMR evaluations, which show how it has helped consumers increase their financial efficiency quickly.

3.   Integrated Lab Reports for Ease

The integrated Lab reports feature of Athenahealth is well-known. You can order and get patient lab reports directly from Athenahealth. You can use the lab report functionality in your EMR module instead of making special calls or sending endless emails to labs. In the workplace, this job has a significant impact on clinical outcomes. This feature is popular among users since it makes it easy to view reports on their software. This tool also helps you keep track of your accomplishments.

4.   Easy Scheduling Tools

When it comes to scheduling tools, Athenahealth outperforms any other EHR software. The Athenahealth EHR recognizes the value of having all of the necessary tools for scheduling appointments. The Athenahealth EHR handles appointment scheduling and cancellations. When a session is cancel, a new one is schedule in its place. This increases efficiency and ensures that no time is wasted.

Furthermore, Athenahealth scheduling capabilities provide automatic notifications to both doctors and patients, ensuring that no appointments are forgot or skip. This is a fantastic tool for maintaining a smooth workflow as well as increasing efficiency and speeding up the process.

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Athenahealth EMR Reviews

When it comes to Athena EHR evaluations, the program has an average of four out of the five stars ratings, which is rather outstanding for an EHR. The software and its features have received a lot of positive feedback from users. Users love the software and its features. Most athenahealth EMR reviews talk about how it helps in making the overall clinical efficiency improve. If you want to know more about athenahealth EMR reviews or if you want a detailed athenahealth EMR review, please visit Software Finder.

Athenahealth EMR Pricing

The Athenahealth is priced per provider and starts at $140 per month. There is no free trial available for this product. If you want to know whether this pricing will suit you or not, you can always book an athenahealth EMR demo.

Final thoughts!

The last question is whether or not you should invest in Athenahealth EMR. We can’t make your decision for you, but we can assist you in making one. To get a better understanding of athenahealth, make a list of features you’d like to see in an EMR software, then compare that list to the features offered by the software. You can also read athenahealth EMR reviews to get a better understanding of the software. We would also suggest booking an athenahealth EMR demo.


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