As we all know the generator is a portable power source and very easy to use so it has big demand in the global market either in the developed countries or in the underdeveloped countries like; Pakistan is an under developing country; that has many issues but the electric power the shortage is big most of the twelve hours. Load shedding and sometimes six-hour load shedding per the day is very common and it is happening for the last many years. So the people of Pakistan already become used too for it. But they willing to move towards its solution as well no one willing to live in pain. And if no electric power many general things of life become stuck due to this so the scope of generators in Pakistan are very bright.

1. Usage in Household

As load shedding is the almost daily practice in all cities of Pakistan and survival without electricity in the current era where all appliances are based on electricity so it is mean without electric power no life, so this is the main big cause of an increase in demand for generators in Pakistan, as the normal user who need to survive in daily life must need to buy it otherwise he has no other options to get water from the electric water pump, to live without fans and many other issues like that.

2. Usage in small businesses

As for the small businesses it is also challenging to bear load shedding on daily basis for the seven to eight hours, even in the morning, afternoon and evening timing or you can say in an office working timing is very hard to service without a second source of Pakistan, here in Pakistan almost every office either small or big has to take generator if willing to do business and willing to survive in bad power conditions, without generators in Pakistan for small business it’s not possible to run in the long run, it becomes a basic necessity for them.

3. Usage in industries

Whereas the small business unable to survive without generators in Pakistan so how it possible big industries could do it, the same formula is for the big industries as well even it is costly for them if we talk about the production cost and competition in the international market so this is another connected challenge for them but the power shortage issue is the same in overall Pakistan.

4. Bad Policies by the government

For many years government of Pakistan has no proper interest in the public support decision even they don’t care about their public and their basic issues, here in Pakistan the government is the name of a bad system and the bad people who are associated with it, they don’t have any sense or care about Pakistan and its economic growth, as uneducated and bad political grounded people on the seats so how they can think and make smart and supportive policies for the betterment of Pakistan that’s why the demand for generators in Pakistan also connected with artificial demand generation game.

5. Effect on Gas consumption

As high usage of the generators in Pakistan causes high of gas consumption in Pakistan as almost every house or every business now using the generator from which approx. sixty percent on the gas source, so due to which Pakistan also facing gas shortage but many other hidden reasons also associated with it not only the demand of generator in Pakistan.

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6. Effect on petrol and oil consumption

As Pakistan is the importer of petrol and oil from other countries like Saudi Arab and

Qatar so high demand of generator in Pakistan means high demand of petrol and oil which means high imports. This is causing a bad impact on the economy and balance of trade of the

Pakistan, which is not good in the longer run, because of shortfall in the electrical energy effect badly to the Pakistan economy. If the power sector of Pakistan become good so all the connected the issue immediately becomes zero but if the corrective action has been taken timely.

7. Usage in remote areas

In the far remote areas where Pakistan government failed to supply electric power in that areas usage of the generator are comparatively much higher. As they don’t have any support or line from government or private power supply company; which become a cause for the high demand of generators in Pakistan. Actually in remote areas they have to be depend on generators for each and every work like to get water from bore or well; to supply water to the agricultural land and many other reasons.

8. Affordability

At the begin of generators in Pakistan, they are much more expensive and the quality was also not good. As the importers are also new in this industry so they don’t have enough knowledge of cost and the quality; that’s why in beginning everything related to generators in Pakistan is expensive. And out of the range of common person but with time importers become smart. And more familiar with the technology and with the internal setup. So in the current era generators in Pakistan become in range of common people and can be easily affordable for the middle-class families. But the lower middle class families still not afford it so for that importers have to work more to capture the remaining market with some cheaper models; because this segment is much larger than the middle and elite segment.

9. Conclusion

Due to government bad taxation policies and bad priorities all sectors are at peak of compromising specially power sector so for that government need to adopt some smart policies

With the help of existing market giants to overcome on power issues; and to serve backup electricity in long run to people of Pakistan. Because the world is moving too fast and with the world technology is moving too fast. If the Pakistani government not take the serious step. Now it will be too late for the economy and condition of Pakistan because this matter not only end; or related to generators in Pakistan many other things also need to be addressed properly.


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