1. Hampta pass trek: One of the best crossings in India: from green luxury to rustic barrels:

The main campsite is Jobrathen, which has a wildflower forest in the Jwara camp. The Balu Ka Ghera camping area was invited to follow the intersection to Jwarayou. When you enter the dense vegetation, you will see amazing changes. After Balu Ka Ghera, you will arrive at Shea Goru, which is completely desert. People are surprised at themselves.

2. Hampta Valley is not a valley with a narrow funnel

Hampta pass trek is a thin valley, the motivation behind why sensational changes occur. The valley is like a shaped passage, until the end of Chatru, people will see changes.

3. Incredible panoramic views of mountain peaks and landscapes

When you leave Kuru and reach the Lahar Valley desert with its rich green valleys, the outline will arrive here. Adventurers will find confusion from all angles, the glow spinning at the scene, this is another world from start to finish.

4. Hampta pass trek: An exciting and daring adventure

They are not for cowardice. To achieve this, you need to obtain it. The itinerary is moderate and the days to clear customs are long and exhausting.

5. CHANDRATAL: A gem hidden in the most remote location of SPITI, surrounded by the range of CHANDRABHAGA

After this polishing journey, you cannot miss the rugged road leading to the Spiti emerald turquoise pond. You will see the magnificent mountains of the Chandrabhaga Mountains.

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Hampita Pass Trekking will amaze you, an impressive and fast transition to the Himalayas, and you will be breathtaking. Before continuing to discuss the idea of ​​this trip, we may want to introduce Hampta Pass first. The Himalayan Fort is located at an altitude of about 14,000 feet and includes the trail from Camp Chobra, where a large amount of forest will be cleared. The campground below is Jwara, and the collection point in the valley is outfitted with a canopy full of flowers and short wildflowers.

Your eyes will invite you to act on the territory. From green valleys to cold and desolate deserts. After the Jwara intersection, the next camp is Balu Ka Ghera. From there, Shea Goru is the spring of the desert. If you are looking for a short five-day schedule, then the Hampshire Pass is the ideal trip, full of shock and shock that will blow you away.

What Is The Most Powerful Part Of This Journey?

Shea Goru Campground

This campground is beloved for its unique setting – from the verdant Kuru Valley to the seemingly devastated Lahar Valley. The campsites of different camping areas are very interesting. There are streams and wildflowers. Adventurers are crazy about this special campsite with such a lovely setting. The night will be very cool, so you have to be very careful!

Crossing the mountain pass

When you go to the mountain pass, you can see snow or free moraine, so beautiful and tiring. You see, like Indrasen and Deo Tibba, there are tops. When you reach the mountain pass, the Lahar Desert is on a steep bottom. Diving is very interesting and is caused directly by the moraine, so when you go up to the mountain pass, you have to adjust your body.


If it opens as Lake Ladakh Bangong, Spiti’s own Lake Bangong is Lake Chandratal. This is a very famous lake. The reason why this lake is not as popular as Pangong Lake is acceptable. The top of the cake is the dynamic color of cherries in the mountain desert.

Short trip

Day 1: Chica’s Manali

  • Via Chobra
  • Altitude: Chobra 9,800 feet to Chica 10,100 feet
  • Driving from Manali to Chobra
  • 2 hours
  • 2 kilometers, 45 minutes’ drive from Chobra to Chika via waterway 444
  • Easy medium trail

Day 2: Chika to Balu ka Ghera

  • Altitude:-10,100 feet to 11,900 feet
  • 8.5 kilometers, 6 hours travel
  • Moderate Trail, gradual ascent
  • Sufficient water volume across the border
  • Crossing the river

Day 3: Balu ka Ghera to Siagoru, crossing Hampta pass

  • Altitude:-11,900 feet to 14,100 feet (Hampta pass) to 12,900 feet
  • 7 kilometers, 10 hours of travel. 44 there is no water intake point on the way (depending on snow conditions)
  • The first hour is to gradually increase at this point. Steep climb through
  • It takes about 2 hours of straight descent and 1 hour of horizontal walking from the view to Camp
  • The coldest place during the trip
  • Stay in tent

Day 4: Drive to Chandratal from Siagoru

  • Altitude:-12,900 feet to 11,000 feet
  • 7 kilometers, 5 hours’ drive
  • Gradually fall into moraine
  • Drive to Chandratal on the 4th or 5th day and return to the camp (depending on departure from home and weather conditions)

5 days: Chatru via Rohtang pass to Manali

  • 85 kilometers drive
  • Required time 46 hours
  • Rohtang pass is very busy. Driving time may increase.


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