Are you looking for the best home inspection services or searching for the most excellent home engineering services near me? If you agree, fortunately you are in the right hot spot. At RSH Engineering, we have been offering high-quality inspection services for your residential as well as commercial properties. Moreover, our home inspection services are carried by certified professionals who have completed various certifications and hold a powerful background in civil as well as structural engineering. Having decades of experience in serving different clients with different requirements, RSH Engineering is a prime choice for residential, commercial, and industrial building inspection services.

The comprehensive range of engineering services by RSH Engineering includes:  

Home Consulting & Inspection: RSH Engineering offers consulting and inspection services for new homes. Whenever you plan to buy a new property including the new house, it is better to get it checked by the professionals and be assured you are getting what you were promised by the sellers. And to know if you getting the right deal, you need to take assistance from the experts. In this regard, RSH Engineering can help you get the perfect transaction with their matchless home consulting and inspection services. Besides, if you are searching for home inspection near me prices on the web, consider approaching RSH Engineering as they offer the best home inspection services at the best prices.

Drone Services: Not all inspection companies are equipped with modern technology and tools. And, we at RSH Engineering use drone services to inspect the property by capturing live and close images. With this, the buyers of the building get more detailed ideas if the property he/she is purchasing worth the amount or not. Besides, our drone services can also help us make detailed building inspection report with live images. 

Forensic Engineering Services: At RSH Engineering, we help our clients to rectify the causes for damage to the property and hence prepare the structural engineer inspection report that helps our clients with insurance claims. To get the claim for your damaged property, you need to have an inspection report by certified engineers. And RSH Engineering has a team of certified professionals who have great knowledge and expertise in offering forensic engineering services.  

Final walk-through house inspection services: RSH Engineering offers quality final walk-through house inspection services for all those who are purchasing the new house and ready to sign the agreement before moving to the new house. The final inspection of the house gives buyers peace of mind and makes them feel that they have made the right investment. The certified team of engineers at RSH Engineering does a complete inspection of the house and makes sure everything is perfect with the house. The final walk-through house inspection services by RSH Engineering includes the proper inspection of Structural integrity, Roof covering, chimneys, skylight, Electrical fittings (kitchen, bath, laundry), Electrical panel, Appliances, Water heater, Attic insulation, Tiling, Plumbing, Doors and windows, Interior finishing, Exterior finishing, etc. All those who are looking for outstanding home engineering services near me or nearby should consider RSH Engineering without any delay.

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Termite Inspections: In order to have a healthy and bacteria-free environment in the house, make sure there are no pests in your house. And, when you buy the new house, you need to get it checked by the certified terminate inspector to know if the new house is free from harmful pests. In this regard, you can approach RSH Engineering who offers quality termite inspection services done by a team of certified inspectors. They inspect all the major places in the house that are quite common for termites such as poor airflow, water leakages, wooden material, cracks, and other such places in the house.

No matter whether you are buying an old house or purchasing a newly constructed building, our engineering inspection reports are crafted after a proper and in-depth inspection of the house. Moreover, we make use of the latest technology, years of experience, and skills of our engineers to prepare the detailed inspection report for our clients. Find the best home inspection near me prices with RSH Engineering.  


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