Sarees are quite fashionable and stylish apart from being an Indian traditional wear. There are plenty of varieties when it comes to sarees as Indian states have their own unique styles and designs. There are some variations that can be worn as a regular wear and there are some which one can wear on special occasions, weddings and other functions.

When buying from sarees wholesale dealers one can get varieties of sarees. There are plenty of styles as mentioned above and here are a few styles that one can add to their saree wardrobe if they love wearing them.

Banarasi saree

It is lovely attire worn mostly by brides of eastern part of the country on their wedding day. This one is not only unique but also very gorgeous. The thing that makes this saree unique is definitely its zari work and the intricate embroideries. Most of the banarasis are made from woven silks and as they have brocade works all over the body, then are quite heavy to carry. Hence they can be worn only if there is a special occasion and one wants to look gorgeous.

Bandhani saree

Bandhej work all over this saree is what makes it popular. This variety is originated in the state of Gujarat (Kutch region) and Rajasthan. The designs and colours are quite unique here. These sarees are printed with tie and dye technique and ‘bandhani’ also means the same in the local language.

Paithani saree

This style of saree is traditional of the state of Maharashtra, and they have some detailed work on the pallus. In most of these sarees, one can get to see scenes of Ajanta and Ellora caves handwoven on them.

Kanjeevaram saree

It is one of the most gorgeous various when it comes to Indian sarees. These sarees are mainly woven with mulberry silk threads. The name of this saree comes from a village named Kanchipuram located in the Chennai and these sarees are always woven by women. The designs and borders are different from the body area of the saree.

Patola saree

This saree has beautiful thread work and one can always add them to their wardrobe because it is definitely a prized possession. They are exclusively woven by families of Patan which is a small town in Gujarat.

Apart from these exclusive sarees, one can also add some embroidery kurtis to their wardrobe as they are easy for a regular wear.


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