As the technologies and usage of the internet increasing at another hand the users over the internet; also increasing day by day. But the users of the internet don’t mean that they have good enough knowledge of the internet. And they are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it. The usage of the internet is not limited to personal computers and laptops now the mobile makes it easier for everyone. Whereas the usage of the internet increases with the same pace frauds over the internet also increases. And different kind of losses many people face due to online frauds and scams but still have some web-like Tradekey Fraud free portal which still good and safe from that kind of things.

1. Infinite limit for fraud

Over the internet, you may face many kinds of frauds with different kinds of techniques because the global internet usage invites different frauds and scammers on the different sites and portals. It could be different country to country and region to region because scammers know that one tool. They can’t apply on overall global users so they always come with new formulas and techniques to hit you; and to trap you where you can’t judge them easily.

2. Email Trapping

It is the best tool of the frauds and the scammer to get your personal information by using email associated with any big brand and company, the basic logic to send that email is to steal your bank account information, you can find any type of message or alert over the screen on any web from which they are asking for your email or they also can use a stolen database to get your information to send you that kind of email, both ways can get your private information indirect the email they can attach any kind of file on which they use some kind of website which has information form to get all your information in few seconds or the link can also get your computer clone data can more dangerous for you because it is not limited to the bank accounts only.

3. Online Products & Services frauds

This is to understand that product and services fraud on online forums are the biggest and dangerous frauds, the scammers, and the fraudsters set up replica portals or online shops with the focus to cheat the general public from the online traffic, mostly they trap innocent people by displaying big brands products at cheap prices, by giving different discounts, and offer money back guarantees, after the money transaction done they have your money and credentials as well from which they can use more money which even you don’t know and against that transaction you will get nothing in your hand only a huge loss of your money because mostly that kind of portals have no proper addresses, customer care, or support, and also don’t have a refund, claim and return policies, but still have some web-like Tradekey Fraud free portal which still good and safe from that kind of thing.

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4. Attractive ads and frauds

Over the different portals and websites many ads playing daily and most of the website even don’t know the companies who are willing to post their ads on high traffic websites and portals. The main issue is that they only concern with their ad they can’t verify every customer intension and purpose of add. So that is the way from where frauds and scammer take chance to in they offer you different kinds of discounts, loans, and free credit cards. With some attractive offers just to get your bank account information in their pockets through advertisement on the different sites. The all game is to get a source of money from you even with fake social media accounts; but still have some web-like Tradekey Fraud free portal which still good and safe from that kind of thing.

5. Fraud with Surprises

The surprises and sudden big gifts and awards are a big trap for anyone within internet portals and websites because if any general user visit any portal or web and get an alert or message that you have won millions of dollars in a lucky draw or you have checked in very smartly on the site so you have won some money quickly registers yourself to get that money and then they apply some kind of time limit on you to generate pressure on you. So by doing this they are getting your private data with the front cause of money transfer in your account. This is the happen when you visit fake websites and portals but still have some web-like Tradekey Fraud free portal; which still good and safe from that kind of thing.

6. Levy Scam

Fear is the game in which mostly tax associated things deal mostly online, in most of the website they claim that insert your data and get tax exemption and tax reduction, by doing this they call your data related to your profile, bank, and the other financial data so that happen when you visit mostly unsecured websites and they waiting to trap users like you who are innocent and unaware of that kind of frauds and scammers but still have some web-like Tradekey Fraud free portal which still good and safe from that kind of things.

7. Solution

It is recommended for every user over the internet to use proper known website and web portals and don’t insert your private data to any unsecure and authentic website or web portal. Because they always lead to your heavy loss in terms of account hack, bank balance loss, black mailing; and many kinds of indirect buying from your credit cards details so it is better to must identify portal and web. Before usage with interaction from customer support and care. Because not all are fraud over the internet, but still, have some web-like Tradekey Fraud free portal which still good and safe from those kinds of things


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