Chadar Trek is definitely a compulsory course for everyone living in a metropolitan area, and has been looking for opportunities for a lifetime of persistence for a long time. After completion, someone will understand the typical outstanding destiny and why it should be obtained. The Chadar circuit is a trip inside and out. You can remember running the frozen Zanskar River for a long time at an altitude of 13,000 feet and freezing temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius.

The experience of riding the Aqua Blue Ice Line in the tranquil Chocolate Mountains near the cool breeze is an experience in itself. This outing was carefully planned under the guidance of adventures in difficult situations because it required countless activities. In addition, before starting this trip, people should have suitable helpers. The travel distance of this trip is about 105 kilometers. After all, the explorer has to run a distance of 15 to 17 kilometers every day.

It is her regret that the city fell on the trail of Chadar Trek. Voyager will travel to these two cities on different dates during the journey.

The tour starts from Leh. The best way to get to Leh is by plane, it is surrounded by snow; which makes it appear completely white. When the plane headed to Leh, 11,400 feet above sea level, people could see the snow-capped mountains from the plane. Walk along the frozen Zanska River in winter. The best ideal opportunity to cross the ice is in February. During this period, the ice will generally be in its most stable state. The Frozen River Trek started in the mild community of Chilling, where the Zanskar River began to freeze.

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Crossing the ice surface

The ice surface is occasionally risky, but it is protect at different times. People need to find a safe way in the fragile stratum. And must constantly pay attention to the condition of the ice below their feet. Explorers may decide to camp in caves on the coast; like the locals, or pitch tents where the ice is basically stable. The stage is close to minus twenty degrees, and it will be lower after dark. When going out frequently as expected, it is required to wear warm, layered clothing. These often help keep the body warm, prevent blisters in the mouth, and prevent blood freezing.

For Misery’s Sake: This is one of the two cities where Trekker will end. The sunset viewpoint at this time proves the rationality of the observation. Visitors will click on a few pictures starting from here. After seeing the amazing icy road and the huge Tibb cave, travelers will appear in this small town. The city is restricted to the central base camp on the Chadar trek. To appear in Nerak Town, the Trekkers will give the impression of a magnificent mountain range.

This apartment office looks like an incredibly prosperous pharmacy, but also an assembly factory in the sun. There are also boarding schools in this city where students can find some paths to the basics. All the basic things, including the extension, were purchase for a whole year from the small settlement of Wonla and bring here, which was arrange at a very remote distance and organize around Zing La Pass. A Chadar Trek trail connects the city of Herak with the rest of the world.

Lingpeng: Trekker will appear in Lingpeng Village. The city is pack with all kinds of typical magnificent buildings… This group is a famous holiday destination. Gradually, swordsmen will visit standard escape objections like Gyalpo and bicycles. Gyalpo is a charming campsite located in the meadows of the Zanskar River. Here, the pioneers will find important vertices and huge conventional vibrations, which are often mention in powerful buildings. From now on, explorers can see its value from the perspective of the Himalayas; and it is generally referred to as the quietest place to travel.

At night, explorers also have the opportunity to see the star-filled sky. Chadar Trek is familiar for its merciless camping conditions and fluctuating temperatures; and there will be various models to allow explorers to zoom through an annoying area; from developing and climbing rocks and icy stones. The Frozen Aqua Blue Ice Line is broadly outline by the Zanskar River in huge, tranquil and brilliant chocolates in the coldest season; which is the guiding factor that makes Chadar Trek an extraordinary travel.

Useful tip: Prevent training when stepping on a frozen river.

Suggests that someone needs to share their plan to Chadar Trek with friends or family on any occasion. This will ensure that someone can help you in an emergency.

It is recommend to welcome beautiful clothes, as they are likely to fall into a very low position. Gyalpo is a charming camp, organized during the clearing of the Zanskar River. Here, travelers will find important vertices and huge standard shakes, which are often talk about with unique designs.

Explorers were tell to bring some food and water they could take with them, as there may be food and water shortages during the tour.

Someone must bring crisis treatment kits and prescriptions. Because explorers will participate in exercises that require a lot of association; and will suffer as many minor injuries and small wounds as possible during the journey.

Someone must ensure that the track is very good and that nothing gets dirty or thrown away at the beginning. Visitors are also encourage not to use detergents and cleaners in the course.


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