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9 Home-brewed Substitutes For Beauty Product You Utilize Daily

DIY Substitutes For Beauty Product
I am positive that the majority folks have an especially busy schedule every day. Given this situation, we frequently tend to ignore our beauty issues or consider market-bought product as a fast fix. The ugly truth is that this product could contain heaps of chemicals which will have damaging side-effects on your skin, hair and overall health....

8 Beauty Tips & Tricks each girl must understand

Beauty tips and tricks
This is my initial post on fashionstairs and that I would love to share some very easy peasy and helpful beauty tips and tricks with you. All the ideas and tricks square measure tried and tested and hopefully can work for many of you. Chapped Lips:

20 Makeup Tips & Tricks

Make up tips and tricks
Hi, Lovelies, Here square measure some makeup tips that I even have found to be helpful:  1. Once applying your foundation, use some on your lips to eliminate your lip color. Any lip color you apply on your lips currently is going to be more true to the particular color the...
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