Have you ever had a day when your favourite person from the office was asking you for a lift but your car was just too stinky to be invited in? Now you know how important it is to always have a nice air fragrance for the car. This guide here puts a list of a few things that you must consider to be able to choose the perfect air freshener for your car.

Why do you need an air freshener for car?

A simple accessory like a car air freshener can really enhance your driving experience 

  • They cover and even eliminate odors.
  • It enables freshness in the car when the windows are closed.
  • They are easy to install or use.
  • They are available in a great range and variety of fragrances.
  • Some of them even come with disinfectant properties.

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Types of air freshener for car

Air fresheners for cars can be different based on their formulation and technology. These are some of the most common car air fresheners available in the market:

  • Cardboard air freshener

Cardboard air fresheners come with a cardboard infused with fragrant essential oils. They are either available as hanging cardboard air fresheners, which are many times cute and colourful to hang on the rear view mirror or there can be non-hanging ones.

  • Sticky gel air freshener

These are sticky gel bases filled with fragrant oils. Therefore, they are placed on a flat, dry surface, usually the dashboard of the car from where they release soothing fragrance.

  • Oil wicks

These are small plastic containers or bottles filled with fragrant compounds. The oil wick is attached to the AC vent and releases fragrance when the AC is turned on.

  • Vent sticks

Vent sticks are sticky objects infuse with fragrant compounds that are also clamp on the AC vent and just like oil wicks, they release a delicious fragrance when the AC is functioning.

  • Aerosols

These are liquid or gaseous sprays in a pressurised can. Hence, you have to regularly spray them in the car to get rid of bad odours. 

Things to consider when choosing an air freshener for car

With the overwhelming variety of forms and fragrances available when you wish to buy air freshener for car, you have to make a wise decision considering a few things:

  • A choice of all

You want to discuss with those family members who ride oftenly in the car to choose a fragrance that is a choice for all. Or, you can go for natural fragrances like mint, lavender, fruits, grass, etc.

  • Durability

The longevity of the product is an important factor to consider when it comes to choosing an air freshener for car. You must 

  • Reviews 

Don’t forget to go through the online reviews of the fragrance you choose. You can also take suggestions from your friends or colleagues.

  • Seasonal fragrances

It’s a proven fact that fragrances work to set-up the mood of the room. You can change fragrances according to the season- fruity and floral scents like lavender and rose for the spring, refreshing scents like mint for the summer, and warm, spicy, Christmasy scents like white oak for winters.

  • The right type

As mentioned above, car air fresheners are available in a variety of forms. You must choose the one most suitable for your vehicle and your budget. While spray perfumes are one of the best options to choose, except for the initial pungent smell, they are slightly costlier than the others. Cardboard air fresheners are affordable but not very effective. There are many other options that you can consider.


So, here was all about how you can choose the best air freshener for a car. If you are looking for cool car interior accessories to upgrade your automobile, then you should not miss checking the wonderful variety offer by Carorbis.com. They offer high-quality, premium car and bike accessories from the most trusted Indian and international brands and that too at the most affordable prices. Hope you enjoyed reading through to the end. Have a great day ahead.


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