It is often said that an elder sister is a beautiful blessing. If you have one, I am pretty sure why it is said so. An elder sister is like a friend and a mother all at once. She is there to listen to all your gossip, give you a shoulder to cry for all the broken relationships, and guide us on how to deal with challenging situations in a way that is following the current scenarios or generations. Ask yourself, how many times have you been saved from your dad’s or mom’s scolding by your elder sister? I am pretty sure a lot. 

Elder sisters are incredibly loving and caring; they have a heart of a mother who will scold you when you are wrong and motivate you towards the right thing. She not only guides you through your relationships with your friends but also provides counselling about your future. If you have an elder sister whose birthday is approaching fast, you might be looking for gifts that you can present to her to make her happy and loved. Gifts are a way to express our love towards the people we care for and especially on Birthdays. There is so much that you can do, such as to send Flowers to Bangalore to surprise her.  


 Cakes are a must at every birthday party. Even if it’s just two people, cake cutting tradition on birthdays has been a staple in all the countries to celebrate and enjoy the presence of that particular individual. If you think that your sister needs to celebrate this beautiful day rather than just staying at home or working the whole day, you need to take matters into your own hands. Get a delicious cake for your sister and plan a small family get together to celebrate her essence in the lives of people around her.


 Accessories can prove to be a perfect birthday gift; make sure that you thoroughly know the aesthetic of the birthday individual. You need to know precisely what style the other individual prefers. You can get them sunglasses, handbags, Jewelry, a watch and so much more. A good accessory can make your outfit look extremely elegant and beautiful. Get her something that boosts her confidence and makes her stand out from the crowd. When you genuinely put efforts into finding that beautiful accessory, she will appreciate and cherish the gift. 


 If you think your sister is still using that year-old cell phone since her school days, you might want to get her a new one. While I understand that it may be a costlier gift among all the others, the price shouldn’t matter that much as she is so important to you. If you think you cannot afford the same individual, you can also ask your parents to add to get the mobile that she always wanted to have. Cell phones have become a necessity these days, and as a working individual, one must have a mobile that caters to all their needs. 

Handmade Card:

 Handmade cards have taken up the pace as the best birthday gifts out there. Giving someone a handmade card indicates all the efforts you have put into, to make the other person’s birthday a special and memorable one. This year, gift your elder sister a beautiful handmade card and watch her smile as she goes on to each page of the same. 

Customized Phone Case:

 As mentioned above, mobile phones are a necessity these days. For every small or big need, we turn to our mobile phones. Let it be a doctor’s appointment, to order a birthday bouquet, to shop for clothes or groceries, and so much more. They have now replaced our wallets with digital money that you can access from your cell phones. Since they are so special to us, they should be kept safe. You can gift your sister a personalized and customized phone case with a photo of her most memorable moment in life. This will bring a massive smile to her face whenever he pulls out her phone. 

Our elder sisters can be a blessing in our lives, and they bring happiness, hopes, love and care to a family like no one else. As she takes charge of the family, she takes care of everyone, she scolds the parents if they don’t take care of themselves, takes care of younger siblings, and keeps the family close and bonded. This year on your elder sister’s birthday, send flowers to Bangalore online and see her eyes tear down with happiness. She is the true Lakshmi of your home, and so you should cherish her with all your heart. 


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