Among an overplus of messages on COVID-19 was a call for participation to God to resuscitate 2020 because it encompasses a virus. However the truth is that nations across the world ought to resuscitate their thoughts and ability to tackle the deadly unfold of the pandemic. One consolation is that a virulent disease doesn’t anchor itself for eternity; it’ll die. However before that, the ‘Corona Effect’ would have modified several aspects of our lives starting from tending to social norms and leave behind a deep economic scar that will take years to heal.

COVID-19 has already plumbed a bell – that despite our scientific claims and achievements, we tend to square measure deeply unprepared to handle a virulent disease. Hence, the primary impact would get on tending. However will we insulate folks from pandemics that return while not an operating manual on doable vaccines or medication? It comes with a DIY (do it yourself) kit with fully no tools.

Lesson One- War like preparation needed on tending front: Future tending systems ought to be war-prepared to battle pandemics whenever they escape. we’ve got near-complete data on grappling major killers like heart ailments, cancer, style diseases, AIDS etc., however not a plague.

We conjointly have to be compelled to critically cross-check our tending system, particularly the vital care phase. Hence, once a virulent disease strikes, there ought to be Associate in Nursing action arrange which will be enforced within the shortest time-frame – one which will balloon our tending infrastructure by removing bottlenecks and making additional vital care units and isolation centers while not moving non-pandemic vital care patients. This could be done by involving the non-public sector – each within the tending phase and welcome sector which might become isolation units.

Lesson Two- we’d like to line ‘early warning systems’ in situ within the society: not like within the past, viruses within the twenty first century not solely square measure ‘hyperactive’, however conjointly leave their tales of devastation with ‘viral speed’. This can be as a result of economic process. Again, this can be not new.

In his seminal book The Columbian Exchange, AB Alfred the Great W Harry Lillis Crosby Junior writes: “When the isolation of the New World was broken, once Columbus brought the 2 halves of the world along, the Yankee Indian met for the primary time his most hideous enemy; not the adult male nor his black servant, however the invisible killers that these men brought in their blood and breath.” inside a span of simply seventy odd years, 80-100 million natives perished as a result of the wellness brought by Europeans from across the seas: pox, influenza, diphtheria.

Today, it’ll not take seventy odd years, however simply some months to go away thousands dead thanks to Associate in Nursing unknown virus. Hence, the second lesson is that we tend to cannot stop economic process with countries interconnected by air, however once Associate in Nursing unknown virus breaks its barriers and jumps to humans, there ought to be warning bells early enough. Within the case of COVID-19, that failed to happen. Had there been Associate in Nursing early warning system in situ and had nations isolated themselves, the virus might are contained in tiny pockets.

Lesson Three- Social distancing ought to become a norm, a part of our regular habits: The third lesson for the longer term is social distancing. Once a replacement virus comes knock, there ought to be a voluntary social distancing to interrupt the chain. Even within the absence of a plague, it’s higher to watch social distancing as a neighborhood of life. Intimacy could also be sensible and will replicate a part of one’s culture, however distancing, while not offensive the opposite, is that the best.

Lesson Four- Swatch Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} ought to become a norm for one hundred per cent Indians: India needs to evolve a mechanism to keep up hygiene and cleanliness. For this, the urge ought to return from inside. Elements of cities and cities square measure buried to the nose with garbage and filth. This needs to finish, therefore too our unrestrained drive to foul air and water within the name of economic progress and gains.

Lesson Five- a suggestion for at-risk people—elderly and patients with comorbidity- ought to be in situ and in practice: Whenever there square measure signs of a virulent disease, India ought to be able to isolate the older, patients with co-morbidity and youngsters World Health Organization square measure either skinny and undernourished. For this, what’s of preponderant importance may be a strong health closed-circuit television at the state level and a perpetually updated written record of population on a national scale. Unless the vulnerable sections square measure pre-identified through sturdy information assortment, states and nations wouldn’t solely invite bother however conjointly leave the doors wide open for the virus to enter.

Lesson Six- have to be compelled to promote original R&D and strengthen our Drug & Vaccination Development Programmed further: Coronavirus has had a contented flip aspect too. It’s shown the planet the strength of our company phase. India might export life-saving medication to major countries, together with the developed world. However India cannot rest on its laurels. There’s a requirement to more strengthen our Drug & immunizing agent Development Programmed by speed-tracking immunizing agent and drug development once a virulent disease strikes.

Lesson Seven- Push our autochthonous medical specialty producing to create it decent for Indian Needs: COVID-19 has exposed India’s unpreparedness in having speedy testing kits and PPEs. At the side of developing frontline vaccines, the lesson that COVID-19 has tutored is that they have to be compelled to have a lot of testing kits. This can be as a result of, once a virulent disease strikes, the sole thanks to check community unfold is testing. Relating to PPEs, India ought to look inwards. Huge garment export units in Tripura (Tamil Nadu), Mysore and alternative places will become producing units of PPEs and conjointly eye exports.

Lesson Eight- Our Govt have to be compelled to build applicable provisions for supporting the BoP population just in case of such calamities: a virulent disease forever hard-knocks and downs economies world over. COVID-19 is not any exception. 2020 may be the worst year for the worldwide economy in nearly a century.

The global economy is predicted to contract by three per cent this year as a result of economic harm from the coronavirus pandemic — the steepest worsening since the nice Depression of the Thirties, in keeping with the International money.

But in future, India ought to have a robust mechanism to require care of the folks at the bottom of the pyramid World Health Organization really oil and run the wheels of the nation’s economy. Solely they’ll place the economy back on the right track.

Nobel laureates Amartya subunit and Abhijit Banerjee and former tally Governor Raghuram Rajan recently confined a bit within the Indian specific saying: because it becomes clear that the imprisonment can endure for quite an whereas, the largest worry straight away, by far, is that an enormous variety of individuals are going to be pushed into dire economic condition or perhaps starvation by the mix of the loss of their livelihoods and interruptions within the normal delivery mechanisms. That’s a tragedy in itself and …we have to be compelled to do what it takes to reassure folks that the society will care which their minimum well-being ought to be secure.

The bottom line is that India needs to have a sturdy action arrange once a virulent disease strikes – a thought that’s inventive, disciplined and, above all, sensitive.


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