What is sclerotherapy?

The procedure sclerotherapy or injection of varicose veins is a treatment intended to improve the presence of your varicose veins. The veins are infused with an answer called a sclerosant. Which harms the inner covering of the vein and causes blood coagulating inside the vein.

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As expected, your own body will at that point annihilate the vein and it will vanish. The arrangement regularly utilized for this methodology is called sodium tetradecyl sulfate (STD). It is accessible in various focuses relying upon the size of the vein being dealt with.

What is foam sclerotherapy?

Ordinarily STD is infusing as an answer straightforwardly into the vein to be dealt with. Foam sclerotherapy includes making little volumes of the arrangement into foam by quick blending and tumult with a little volume of air. This would then be able to utilize to treat a portion of the bigger hidden strange veins which will not ordinarily treat with regular sclerotherapy.

This is perform under ultrasound control. The foam arrangement causes an extreme fit of the vein and a more noteworthy volume. It can infuse without utilizing a lot of the STD arrangement.

Is foam in a way that is better than traditional Sclerotherapy?

The underlying outcomes with foam sclerotherapy are exceptionally encouraging. This strategy for treatment offers a potential option in contrast to surgery.  However, it ought to stress that this is another treatment. As of now, the long-term results are not yet know. It’s unrealistic to state how this treatment contrasts as far as results and regular medical procedure or sclerotherapy.

Are my veins appropriate for foam injection sclerotherapy?

Varicose veins including disengaged veins in the leg or including the long saphenous vein or short saphenous vein are appropriate for this type of treatment (most varicose veins).

In the event that you have extremely broad and huge varicose veins. At that point you may improve medical procedure as opposed to sclerotherapy. In the event that you have any fundamental blood thickening propensity, it may not be fitting to have sclerotherapy.

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What does the methodology include?

Contingent upon the number of varicose veins you have. You may require 2 or 3 meetings of treatment, and every so often more than this. The fundamental surface vein to be dealt with will be set apart on your leg at first utilizing ultrasound scanning. A local anaesthetic will at that point be infuse into a little zone of skin. Generally in the lower thigh or mid-calf and a needle will be put into the vein, again utilizing ultrasound examining.

This will flushed with a salt arrangement containing heparin, a blood diminishing specialist, just to keep the needle open. Two or 3 more modest needles (called butterfly needles) will at that point be embedd into the obvious varicose veins in the leg and these will be correspondingly flu. Your leg will at that point be raise over the sofa and the foam arrangement will infuse in little volumes all at once into every one of the needles. While this is perform you wil approach to twist your lower leg all over so as to expand the blood stream in your profound veins.

What Can be seen?

You may encounter some slight stinging as the foam is infuse however it is typically effortless. The entry of the foam in the vein will observe by ultrasound examining and the foam injections into each needle will be rehash 2 or multiple times.

When enough foam has infuse, the needles will be taken out and bits of wipe, cloth or bubble wrap (compression cushions) will apply to your leg follow by a wrap so as to pack the treated veins. A versatile pressure loading will at that point be put on your leg, incorporating the thigh with a midsection connection. This will feel tight yet ought not be so close as to make your foot stained or agonizing.

What occurs after treatment?

You should keep the pressure cushions, wrap, and loading on consistently for 5 days. After this you may eliminate the cushions and gauze and afterward supplant the stocking which ought to be worn for a further 7 days. During this multi day time span, you may eliminate the stocking to shower and you may eliminate it around evening time on the off chance that you wish. On the off chance that you discover the stocking agreeable and wish to wear it for more, this might be useful. If it’s not too much trouble carry your stocking back with you to your following visit as it might be conceivable to reuse it on the off chance that you have further injections.

You ought to do a lot of strolling and may by and large do most typical exercises with no issue. If all else fails ask your Doctor.

You can be dynamic as regular after the treatment and don’t have to abstain from anything specifically. Anyway, you ought not to drive on the day the system is performing, just in the event that you experience any visual aggravations.

Will I need further treatment?

It is improbable that all your varicose veins will improve after one bunch of injections and you may require a few medicines. You will see again in half a month time and further injections can be performed at that stage. A portion of the untreated veins may have contracted at that stage.

What are the complications?

Shallow thrombophlebitis

The vast majority will encounter some hard irregularities which structure in the treated veins. These are zones of blood coagulating in the treated veins. This is nothing to stress over except for might be related to aggravation and inconvenience. In the event that this happens, inflammatory pain killers may help.

These irregularities will inevitably die down and vanish yet this may take a little while or months. This cycle might hurry by your primary care physician embeddings a needle into the bumps and suctioning the coagulations which condense again following half a month.

Brown pigmentation of the skin

This can happen following shallow thrombophlebitis depicts above and can be permanent. However, it will normally blur over a time of a while and may vanish totally.

Profound venous apoplexy (DVT)

In the event that the arrangement passes into the profound veins there is a danger of apoplexy. This may be very minor with no side effects or a significant blood clump with a danger of an aspiratory embolus (section of a blood coagulation to the lungs). It is hence that solitary little volumes of the foam are infuse at a time and the lower leg is practice so as to keep up great stream in the profound veins. Medical procedure likewise conveys a danger of deep vein apoplexy.

Repetitive and leftover varicose veins

In the event that you have any staying varicose veins, it is typically conceivable to infuse these at your following visit. Because in the event that you have a ton of little varicose veins it may not be conceivable to annihilate these. It is conceivable that the treated vein could resume. At present the danger of this isn’t known and just long term follow up data will give this data. If this happens it is conceivable to treat the vein once more, either by additional injection or by medical procedure.

Skin ulceration

In the event that the arrangement doesn’t go into the vein however goes into the encompassing tissues it can cause a little ulcer of the skin. This will recuperate up however this may take half a month and could leave a scar.

Hypersensitive response

Hypersensitivity to the arrangement utilized is uncommon yet can happen. If you have any allergies you ought to educate your primary care physician.

Visual unsettling influence

There are reports of temporary visual unsettling influence with foaminfusions. It isn’t sure why this happens however it is more normal in individuals who experience the ill effects of headaches.


There has been an extremely modest number of announced cases of a stroke happening after foam sclerotherapy.  However, this is out of a large number of medicines that have perform around the world. There may have been specific reasons why strokes happened in these cases, including a high volume of foaminfused.

If you have further inquiries, kindly don’t stop for a second to seek advice from either your specialist or one from their group, or the attendants who are taking care of you on the ward.


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