This is my initial post on fashionstairs and that I would love to share some very easy peasy and helpful beauty tips and tricks with you.

All the ideas and tricks square measure tried and tested and hopefully can work for many of you.

Chapped Lips:

Chapped Lips - makeup

No matter however sensible your ointment is, nothing works higher than Desi clarified butter for cracked lips. Take a spoon in an exceedingly little bowl and stick with it applying it to your lips along with your finger throughout the day. You may be astonished by the tip results. It’ll not solely heal your lips however additionally lighten them and build them pink & soft.

Under Eye Dark Circles:

Under Eye Dark Circles - makeup

There is hardly any distinction between the formulation of ointment & beneath eye cream, therefore from my personal expertise; I feel that we have a tendency to don’t want a separate cream for beneath eyes. If you’ve got dark circles, please provide sweet almond oil strive. Apply it in an exceedingly circular motion around & over your eyes together with eyebrows & eyelashes for 2 minutes and leave it long. You’ll be able to see visible results per week. Excluding taking care of your dark circles, sweet almond oil will nourish your eyelashes & brows.

Dandruff, status & Hair Fall:

Dandruff, status & Hair Fall - makeup

The next tip can assist you to combat multiple hair issues in one go. Massage your hair munificently with heat oil at the hours of darkness and therefore the next morning wash your head with Nizoral Anti-dandruff shampoo. You don’t have to apply conditioner once wash as coconut can do the work. this mix of oil + Nizoral antidandruff shampoo works best as oil management dandruff, condition your hair & adds shine and shampoo helps you get obviate oil & dandruff while not over demotion.

Dry Skin:

Dry Skin - beauty

If you’ve got terribly dry skin on your face, take a couple of drops of physic and dab it on your face while not massaging it. You may get obviate all status coetaneous sensation or flakes within the morning and your skin will become baby soft.

Tired Feet:

Tired Feet - beauty

In a little tub of heat water add 2 spoons of Dettol, some shampoo, and a tablespoon of salt. Soak your feet during this for a half-hour. It’ll facilitate your feet to get obviate microorganism and additionally relaxes you.


Toners - beauty

Use ice cubes rather than Toners. That way, you may be golf shot with fewer chemicals in your skin.


Tanning - beauty

No matter what number of opposing tanning products you employ or de-tan facials you bear, nothing works higher than haldi, besan ubtan for Tan. build a combination of besan, Haldi & curd; massage your face with this paste in an exceedingly circular motion for a minimum of 15- twenty minutes, at that time let it dry on your face for an additional fifteen minutes & then rinse with cold water. This technique works higher than any costly facial at the parlor.

My next & most vital tip is that if you’ve got any skin issues are it skin problems, scars, freckles, or pigmentations, please visit a medical specialist. Don’t play the hit & trial technique with home remedies. Home remedies ought to ne’er be wont to treat a retardant. Home remedies ought to solely be used for sweetening of beauty wish to add glow to your face once your skin is free from all ailments, however ne’er ever have faith in them for treating your drawback because it would solely worsen matters. It’s an awfully hard-learned lesson that I need to share with you guys.

The secret is to stay things easy. Don’t use too several products rather sticks to what works best for you. I actually have seen nice results with the on top of ways & hope that they might be equally helpful for you girls likewise.



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