If you plan to buy a mattress online, given the vast number of brands available in India, it can be challenging to pick the correct one.

We understand that choosing a suitable mattress to comfort your tired mind and body can be a complicated task. Whether you plan to buy a Wakefit, Sleepycat or Century mattress, there are some vital factors that you must be aware of before purchasing a mattress online.

Lifestyle Requirements

There are many reasons for purchasing a mattress online. Understanding the necessity behind a purchase helps to make an intelligent decision. Some of the various reasons to buy a new mattress are:

  • We strongly advise opting for a mattress that gives orthopaedic support if you are experiencing poor back health.
  • Due to a frenetic lifestyle and in the absence of a good night’s sleep to assist you in waking up more energized
  • If you are looking for a sustained and long-lasting comfort
  • If you need a quality mattress and superior comfort at an affordable price


A standard mattress comes with an average lifetime of five to seven years, depending on the user’s sleeping outline and usage type.

Some brands whose mattresses are known to surpass this seven-year mark and can last up to 10 years. That is why you must consider investing in a good quality mattress from brands known to deliver maximum performance.

Mattress firmness

The firmness requirement of a mattress varies from person to person. 

Some sleepers prefer to sleep on a soft bed, whereas others like hard mattresses. If you want balanced bounciness and firmness, opt for orthopaedic memory foam, and if you prefer sink-in mattresses, consider going for a good quality memory foam product.

Level of Comfort

Mattresses must be considered according to the body shape, weight, and optimal alignment of the spine and pelvis of a user. This increases the comfort level one can get from the mattress, thus giving a good night’s sleep. Beds with the excellent conforming ability also check the development of pressure points.

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If you intend to purchase a mattress online, we strongly suggest opting for a mattress that offers a thicker comfort layer. As a thumb rule, look out for memory foam or latex mattresses as they offer the most suitable conforming abilities.

Support offered a mattress 

This ability of a good quality mattress gives improved alignment for the spine and the pelvis. As a new buyer, you must consider a mattress that comes with a uniform surface that does not sink beneath your body weight.

Maintenance, Budget and Cleaning

It would be best if you aimed for a mattress those are easy to maintain and clean during your long usage period. The mattress must be sensibly priced, not necessarily cheap but must offer all the essential features to assist you to have a good sleeping session. It would be best to remember that paying a premium price for a particular mattress does not make it the best fit for you. 

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is the final factor in this list you need to look out for, i.e., your sleeping partner’s movements around in the bed should not transfer the motion to your side due to the mattress’s firmness. In general, mattresses made of foam, latex, or coir are firmer and do not cause motion transfer.

As you intend to purchase the mattress online, you must keep in mind to check the return policy and warranty period offered by Sleepwell, SleepX, Sleepyhead, Wakefit or Century mattresses.

Most manufacturers offer a warranty of one year to ten years, depending on the mattress’s type and price segment. When it comes to the return policy, almost all the known companies offer 30 days-60 days for the same in case of any problems or quality-related issues of the product. Several brands are so confident of their products that they extend a trial period of 30 days to 90 days to help users make tension-free decisions.

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