Logos are as vital for the successful marketing of a company or brand as appearance is necessary for the first meeting with an employer or client. Logo design services play an important role in branding and creating a unique identity for your brand. The logo itself contains and conveys the message about the nature of goods and services provided by the brand.

A logo is the prominent sign of brand image and the base of an effective marketing strategy allowing its connection with the targeted audience. If you are a person of substance and your identity is memorable, it will be much easier for you to get the desired job and make friends or partnerships.

In addition, a logo is a symbol that makes the product or service unique from its competitors which is also a crucial pre-condition of the company’s rapid and successful development. It is always the foundation of the whole brand strategy. Further, a vigorous branding strategy sets a quick connection of the product or company and its crucial benefits with the symbol that represents it.

Logo design servicesprovide such services that distinguish your brand from the competition. Products, companies, or brands should have their own personalities to attract people. Showing personality in your website or brand is an effective way for your audience to recognize and empathize with you.

Efficient logo design is a strategy that involves all the stages of marketing and design process such as:

  • Setting the task
  • User and marketing research
  • Creative search
  • Choice of style direction and color palette
  • Testing in different sizes and environment
  • Creating a style guide

Logo designing is a difficult process. Many steps need to be done to get an effective result. So, in this article, we will go deeper into the creative stages of the logo design process.

1.         Setting the task

This stage is the base of all the design processes. In this time, the designer gets as much information as possible from the client to mark the goal. To get a positive result, you should set the goals clearly from the starting point. If they are not set at the start, the creative process will get transformed easily into a mess.

Moreover, communication with clients is important not only to get their wishes but also to get reasons and ideas behind these wishes. If you try to understand why your customers want to see specific shapes, colors, and transitions, you will easily justify other realization methods of these ideas that will give the result to the customer.

The more information you will get from the customer, the better it will be for setting the right direction.

2.         Research

The research stage mainly moves on together in two directions: user research and marketing research.

In user research, you get into details of the target audience to know their psychological peculiarities and preferences, the color influence and data carrier on their experience and emotions, the creative performance ways, and the sources of information that inspire them and make them active.

Whereas market research, you explore the market segment from the perspective of creative solutions that are used by the competitors. In addition,a logo design services agency can help you to achieve great design. Logo design presumes to make a different sign that makes the brand and company stand out from the crowd and attracts the potential customer’s attention. Further, ignoring the research stage and depending on their creative talent and intuition, designers risk failing in this task as they don’t know the conditions of the functioning logo and are not able to make it original and efficient.

3.         Creative search

This is the stage where designers set off to the creation process. They develop one or more stylistic directions which fulfill the marketing needs and branding goals. In this stage, creative results of different fidelity levels from pencil sketches to sophisticated digital samples. All can work efficiently. In addition, the strategy’s choice relies on the designer’s decision of a more impressive presentation way according to the particular type of logo and client’s requirements.

Moreover, The result of the creative search preferred style and type direction.  For example: colorful or monochrome, flat or skeuomorphic, featuring the mascot and many other general stylistic details, basic shaping, color palette, and logo placement (say square, triangular, round; using portrait or landing placement; setting many variants of logo elements and shapes placement, etc.)

4.         Polishing of details and finalizing the concept

Hence, this is the stage where the designer develops the selected direction and polishes the slightest details. Sometimes, the work takes much time to develop the variants to small changes set in millimeters which impacts the general harmony. In this time, designers experiment with shades and hues, lines, and forms. At this stage, they still work within the general stylistic concept.

However, the result of this stage is the finalized visual presentation of a logo.

Besides, if you want to attract customers, logo design services will help you to build a lasting impression at the first glance.

5.         Testing

For any design task, post-design testing of the created outcome is a must. It is a necessary condition of effectiveness and success for the logo. It must be tested on various devices and surfaces, in the wide diversity of environments and settings, resolutions, and sizes, alone or surrounded by other logos. Also, if these options are available, they should be tested by people representing the target audience. The testing result should be completely analyzed, whereas sometimes, they significantly impact the final logo alterations.

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6.         Creation of style guide

In the last stage, designers achieve a style guide for the approved and finished logo. The guide should have clear and informative instructions. Hence, it is the base for a brand book and allows clients in the future to inform all the sides include in the creative process like printing shops.


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