A couples massage is a great way to refresh your relationship with your partner. It is a great idea to feel the presence of your beloved partner next to you while experiencing the relaxation benefits of a massage therapy session. A couples massage comprises aroma, candle lighting, relaxing movements from a massage therapist and calm music. In addition to the bonding experience, it has actual health benefits like pain relief and stress management. It also rejuvenates your skin and has aesthetic benefits.

Benefits of having a couples massage:

Many couples struggle to spend quality time with each other because of their hectic schedules. A couples massage might just be the best thing for them as it facilitates intentional and purposeful mutual reconnection. Couples massage in Calgary is famous because it improves the romantic relationship between partners. You can easily find a massage center near you that offers couples massage. Massage therapy increases the feelings of intimacy and affection between partners by releasing happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the body. Following are some benefits of having a couples massage with your partner:

1.   Couples Massage De-stress and calmness

Today people are busy in their hectic lives, and it is affecting families and couples. There might be some days where you feel too tired to have an exciting conversation with your partner, cook dinner together, or watch a movie. Sharing time is essential for the health of all relationships. Yet, couples find less than 2-3 hours a day to spend with each other. Couples with children are more affected because they don’t find sufficient time to enjoy each other’s company.

A couples massage is an excellent way to cope up with this tiring lifestyle. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your partner and unwind after a long tiring day. You’ll not only be together in a room with your partner but also share an intimate experience to strengthen your bond. As a result, both of you will feel relaxed and connected, which will improve your relationship.

2.   Coping with anxiety and depression

Concerns about health, finances, or jobs can make us anxious. These daily stresses can take a significant toll on family life and relationships. A couples massage improves the ability to deal with stress and helps increase relationship satisfaction. It also allows you to understand your partner’s emotional state better and expands your emphatic potential. Massage therapy in Calgary is often combined with psychological counselling to deal with anxiety and depression. If you are having these issues, you should find a massage center in your city that offers life counselling and massage services under one roof. The release of positive hormones calms your mind. It also encourages you to stay positive, making it easier to deal with fears, anxieties and depressive thoughts.

3.   Couples Massage Increase affection

Hormones released during massage therapy with your partner will increase the feelings of affection. Oxytocin is otherwise known as the ‘cuddle hormone,’ helps facilitate sexual health and bonding. It also helps in reducing anxiety and stress, which leaves you centred and calm. A romantic couple massage aids you in spending quality time with your partner. This peaceful time with your partner increases the feelings of happiness and affection.

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4.   A new way of getting to know your partner

In relationships, memories of the past are often bogged down, and future uncertainties make relationships unstable. But a massage facilitates couples in embracing the present. During a massage, couples slowly let go of their worries and tensions. It provides them with enough relaxation to empty their minds from negative thoughts. In addition, massage directly impacts your muscles, and it improves blood circulation in your vital organs.

Having a massage with your partner allows you to reconnect with each other and boosts mindfulness in both of you.

5.   Trying something new

Couples love to experience new things together. Going to the movies or dates can become less attractive with time. A couples massage with your partner helps in beating the routine and mixing things up a little. Sharing new experiences is what a couple is all about. It is good and healthy for you and your partner to go out and try new things together to find out which activities you like with each other. Studies show that trying new things together can increase the romantic attraction between couples.


A couple massage is a great way to strengthen the romantic attachment with your partner. It has various mental and physical benefits that can augment your romantic life. You can enjoy a couples massage in Calgary or wherever you live. Massage therapy is very effective against the symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition, experienced massage therapists know tricks that can rejuvenate and re-energize your bodies.


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