YouTube is the biggest vlogging platform for creators around the world. You can start your vlogging channel within minutes. But it takes several years to achieve the desired results. This step-by-step article will help you become a successful YouTuber.

Find a niche and follow it

Eat your vacuum. What subject do you know well? Could it be taught? a narrower target demographic makes it easier to target your content It will be difficult to gain attention in 2021, since it will be quite competitive. However, reducing your topic might work just as well.

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 Create high-quality content

Successful YouTube channels are supported by high-quality videos. Compete with thousands of other vloggers, and strive to be fascinating. With most tasks, your smartphone works just well. However, it isn’t the end of the world if YouTuber update to better microphones, camera, lighting kit and a phone stand for recording video.

Always welcome customers.

Your channel’s main page has a video that welcomes viewers. This is a type of elevator pitch.

 Create attention-grabbing thumbnails

Clickable thumbnails, or “thumbnails,” appear above or around a feed’s title. It’s one of the topics we talked about in our guide on nailing your YouTube and be YouTuber thumbnails. Generally speaking, face placement is ideal, as it highlights the video’s subject matter.

Develop distinct introductions and conclusions.

Your first few seconds in a video can determine whether people remain watching. Develop a brandable beginning that will be instantly recognisable. Use dynamics and stock sound effects to add impact; make sure your channel logo (or yourself) is in the mix.

To get you started, here’s a tutorial from our Vlog Team

Also, don’t forget the outro. Retaining the attention of your audience is critical for ending your video. Also, tell them to subscribe to your channel and be sure to include a visual that highlights the subscribe button!

There’s no need to make every intro and out from scratch. You will want to save your template designs and reuse them for future videos.

Increase the discoverability of your content

To help your viewers find your channel, utilize relevant hashtags and keywords. Here’s another resource on YouTube tags: Use search terms relevant to your subject matter to enhance your videos’ relevance. Include keywords in your titles and descriptions. All of these measures will help people locate your films on YouTube and search engine websites.

Utilize analytics

There is every reason you should study our guide on YouTube data analysis. The numbers behind your data can assist you realise who your audience really is. With this information, you will know how long your videos should be, which themes and genres are most effective in capturing your viewers’ attention, and more. In 2021, flexibility will be everything, so get ready to experiment and adapt!

Copy successful YouTuber

Being aware of new trends is the most effective approach to stay current. See what top vloggers in your niche are up to. Beware of channels with 100,000+ subscribers; they are no longer growing their audience. Look at the video dates and the view stats on them. Lockdowns at airports have negatively impacted travel vlogs’ appeal. In contrast, cosplay videos featuring TikTok stars are on the rise. Remember our user Myth we interviewed earlier?

 Work with others

Sharing is a caring attitude! Contact other YouTuber and offer them ideas for collaboration. Make them your collaborator! First, explain why your channel could be interesting to your audience. Also, inform them what they’d gain from being republished on your channel. Collaboration is about making things mutually advantageous;therefore, highlight how you can help your colleague grow their outreach. You can also form cooperative ventures if you have any connection. Be careful of approaching vloggers of all levels: micro-influencers, YouTube stars, and celebrities. Nothing happens, although the odds of someone accepting your offer are always there.

Promote on social media

Post your films on social media and invite your friends to re-post. Promote yourself as a vlogger on platforms you have not used previously (such as TikTok). Enroll in relevant Facebook groups and forums, and engage in relevant conversations. Embed links to your videos in your answers whenever it is appropriate. Many popular and cost-free methods to build social media presence exist. However, if you’re running on empty, you may always go for paid advertisements. First, learn how they work and consult pros before implementing big promotion costs. For more tips and guides, visit


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